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Bobby Creekwater – The B.C. Era Deuce EP


Tracklist & download after the jump.

1. Him & Her (Skit)
2. Hey (prod. Bobby Creekwater)
3. Throw Da Deuce (prod. Bobby Creekwater)
4. The Message (Skit)
5. Dreamin ft. Bohagon & Mykel (prod. D. Focis)
6. Winner ft. Jimmy Cravity (prod. Bobby Creekwater)
7. Spaceship (prod. Junior Varsity)
8. Ridin Muzik ft. Charlie Skrill (prod. D. Focis)
9. Trying to Make It ft. Stat Quo & Sandman (prod. D. Focis)
10. B.C. Era (prod. D. Focis)
11. Make Believe (prod. Bobby Creekwater)

Bobby Creekwater – The B.C. Era Deuce EP (Mediafire)

Spotted @ X’s.

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7 Responses to “Bobby Creekwater – The B.C. Era Deuce EP”

  1. teojfod Says:

    Clipse – Til the Casket Drops 2009!!

  2. nirun Says:

    ___water >

  3. D_Block_4_life Says:

    I would like to further predicate that Hov is the GOAT. Thanks for your time.


  4. Seth Gueko Says:

    nas and jay are really the top of the game for real
    Oochie Wally IZ da Nas’ Big Pimpin’ ! just this to say, they are the same
    fuckin’ way and destiny. Jay had and has more commercial success than Nas but they are the same fuckin’ career ! watch u can’t deny that,
    first album classic yall already know the truth
    then a trilogy (real trilogy for jay, and trilogy because of the covers for nas) thus see what i mean with this shyt
    jay second album excellent , nas second album excellent
    jay third album commercial acclaim,nas 3rd album commercial success too
    jay fourth album critical failure, nas fourth album critical failure
    after that the fuckin’ redemption with the big comeback in the game
    jay’s blueprint and nas’ stillmatic, and the big beef ! owwwwwwww
    after this, nas and jay grown man shit with black album and god’s son
    their double album are good also, then best ennemies are friends,
    u can see a critical weak thang for HipHopIsDead and KingdomCome
    after that relevant dope work with American Gangster N Untitled !!!

  5. BC Says:

    pretty solid

  6. damnshame Says:

    Chopper city the goat…?

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