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Clipse feat. Kanye West & Bun B – Kinda Like A Big Deal (Remix)


Fresh from the studio considering the swine flu references…

Clipse feat. Kanye West & Bun B – Kinda Like A Big Deal (Remix) | Mediafire

Props to OnSMASH.

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11 Responses to “Clipse feat. Kanye West & Bun B – Kinda Like A Big Deal (Remix)”

  1. SDP aka The Somali Pirate Says:

    Mexican flu


    well…if you think about it….

    that disease; did in fact hop borders, AND was willing to migrate and settle in without any documentation.

    fuckin jews lol

  2. SDP aka The Somali Pirate Says:

    SDP’s 5 quick points of the day

    1. I’m Muslim, and I think it’s way more offensive to call that shit mexican flu than swine flu….lol how obvious is that…straight racism

    2. The origins of this disease are very vague; you don’t really get any specifics of how this started step by step. It’s a whole bunch of well thought of theories mixed with assumptions. Which leads me into #3

    3. I would never be surprised if sometime in the future it was discovered that this disease was man made (see: Aids) for “population control”, to make it easier on the gov’t for taking one step closer to make this a one-world government.

    Two main points fall under “Population Control”
    1) Limiting the size of human societies and monitoring/controlling the movement of individuals within that society, and
    2) Intentionally reducing the bulk of the world’s population through GENOCIDE via the introduction of population slaughter, orchestrated conflicts, and lethal bioengineered disease organisms introduced via vaccines and other means of external transmission. (EXAMPLE: DARFUR)

    I do a lot of reading, and like being informed; that doesn’t necessarily make you a conspiracy theorist, so save the bullshit. I’m black and Muslim; reality in America doesn’t get harder than this.

    4. I have a strong feeling someone important, and influential that this world cares about will catch this disease and die if there’s no cure.

    5. Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive.

    da truth hits hard like shawn merriman/
    they blamed aids on us and swine flu on the mexicans/

  3. SDP aka The Somali Pirate Says:

    and IF this “mexican flu” all started off in mexico..then,

    Why are so many New Zealanders sickened by swine flu virus, compared with only a few cases in the United States?

    does that make any sense?

  4. SDP aka The Somali Pirate Says:

    Knowing all the truths is very unlikely. Revealing any could be deadly.

  5. SDP aka The Somali Pirate Says:

    * Total number of New Zealanders visiting Mexico City since March 2009: Not very many, possibly a few hundred.

    * Reported number of New Zealanders sickened by Swine flu virus: More than 20 percent of the visitors [FEWW estimate is about 5% of the visitors]

    * Total number of US citizens visiting Mexico City or coming into contact with people traveling from MC since March: Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of citizens [FEWW estimates the number at 1,000,000]

    * Total number of US citizens hit by Swine flu: Less than two dozens

  6. Dre Says:

    The same idiot that made that anti-Obama documentary is saying that it’s a government conspiracy targeting Mexicans… smh @ you psuedo-intellectuals who wasted 2hrs watching that garbage.

  7. SDP aka The Somali Pirate Says:

    naw never seen that video, and never will

  8. gregston Says:

    right…back to the actual post. Bun B has become one of my favorite rappers in the past few years, maybe its a region thing and I wasn’t really exposed to him but he really puts it down on remixes

  9. DocZeus Says:

    It’s not man-made and its not going to kill you. It’s no worse than the common flu. And you can’t biologically engineer a disease to kill a specific race because race is a social construct as our genes are virtually 99.999999999 percent the same. Get the tin-foil off your head.

    The disease is killing a disproportionate of Mexicans because the country’s infrastructure is in total disarray due to the drug cartel civil war destroying any form of stability and the general poor living conditions that many poor Mexicans live in.

  10. SDP aka The Somali Pirate Says:

    you have a point doczeus.
    but never underestimate the tech n science the gov’t obtains.

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