On Asher Roth & Nappy Headed Hoes


(Please see the update below)

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the other day on Twitter white rapper Asher Roth made a “nappy headed hoes” comment/joke while at Rutgers University for a performance. The shit quickly hit the fan, and the tweet and a subsequent apology tweet were promptly deleted.

Now there’s all this back and forth bullshit about whether or not the kid is racist and should be lynched  for a tasteless joke. I think any rational person would conclude that the kid isn’t a racist, and anybody who labels his comments as ‘racist’ is either a moron, or is looking for a reason to start controversy.

It seems pretty obvious to me that the comment was meant to be a funny reference to the fact that dude was at Rutgers, the epicenter of the 2007 Don Imus controversy. So then the question becomes, what was the nature of the joke? Was Asher jokingly implying that he was going to Rutgers to hang out with the predominantly African-American women’s basketball team, or was he taking a swipe at Imus and his comments?

Now, if it was the former, and even if it was intended as a joke, that could be a problem. We can throw around the term ‘post-racial’ until we’re blue in the face, but for the foreseeable future, it will remain an empty phrase. The fact is, if a white kid from the burbs decides he’s going to utter those 3 infamous words, he’d better be damn sure that whatever he’s saying isn’t goin to be the least bit offensive and can’t be taken out of context. Obviously, that wasn’t the case here.

On the other hand, what if Asher was taking a shot at Don Imus? I understand that that’s what he claimed in one of the subsequent apology tweets, and I’m inclined to believe it, because really, what other fucking reason would  a white boy have to say something like that? And now if that’s the case, how can anybody be mad at a shot at Don Imus?

I’ll tell you how.

The first place you fucked up Asher was by making the joke at all. Like YN said, when it comes to race, if it’s not funny, it’s offensive. And it wasn’t funny. Most “nappy headed hoes” jokes aren’t, because they conjure memories of an ugly incident. This is especially true for jokes made by people of the Caucasian persuasion. Double standard? Sure, but it is what it is. I thought we all understood this at this stage of the game, but maybe I was wrong.

Beyond it not being funny, it’s like, come on man, I thought you were smarter than that. Even if the joke had been funny, you gotta know that there are people out there who were just waiting for you to slip up on anything even remotely related to race so they could play the ‘racist white rapper’ card. I mean,there are fat fucks out there that spend 20+ hours a day trolling Twitter for fuckery.

And that’s the aspect of this whole thing that really pisses me off personally, because as a Black blogger who has shown support to Asher in the past, it puts me in a position where now I’m expected to respond to this fuckery.

Which brings me to my second point: Why’d you delete the original tweet and the apology? You should know by now, as someone who made their name on the web, that nothing you write on the internet ever goes away. Especially if you’re in the public eye. In my opinion, if you would’ve left the apology tweet up, this would be a non-issue and I wouldn’t even be writing this post right now.

Not to mention that by deleting the tweet, you are acknowledging that you did something wrong (which is actually a good thing), but more importantly, you are creating an air of conspiracy. The apology tweet was the perfect, public acknowledgment that you know that you did something wrong and you’re sorry for it. People were free to read both tweets and decide whether or not they were mad. Deleting both is a shady move that suggests that you have something to hide. When you fuck up in public, you have to take responsibility for your actions. Any grown man should know this.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned that, as of this afternoon, Asher has STILL failed to make a public statement about this whole debacle. Look dude, your album is in stores this week and it looks like it’s going to be moderately successful. You successfully rose from a little podunk town in PA to a bonafide, Billboard charting artist in a predominantly Black genre, and while you got your fair share of hate, you also got your fair share of love. I don’t think a sincere explanation and/or apology (that won’t be deleted later) is too much to ask.

Some people have implied that I have been accepting money to support Asher, or that I was ignoring the “nappy headed hoes” comment because I was in bed with his management or some such nonsense. Of course what nobody seems to have noticed is that there hasn’t been one Asher related post on Nah Right since the controversial tweet. And it’s not like there hasn’t been plenty of Asher related content in the last few days that I would have normally posted. On Friday I mentioned on Twitter that I was waiting for a statement from his camp before I responded, and some idiots took that to mean that I was giving his PR people some time to spin the situation.

I don’t know what I’ve ever done in my history as a blogger that would make anybody think that I would ever in my life cater to any fucking artist in such a way, but ok. The fact is, if I decide I’m going to blog about something, I’m gonna blog about it on my own fucking timetable, not whatever timetable you assholes think I should adhere to. So my challenge still stands for anybody out there to find anybody who has ever paid money to me or been asked for money by me for coverage of an artist. But I’m also announcing a new challenge, and this one is for Asher Roth. Step up and acknoweldge what you said and explain yourself homie. It’s only right. Until you do so, there will be no more Asher Roth posts on Nah Right.

UPDATE: Ok, so I just got off the phone with Asher’s manager Scooter Braun and he asked me to point out that, in all fairness, he did reach out to me over the weekend with an explanation of Asher’s comment. He did tell me that the remark was intended as a shot at Don Imus and that the tweet was in no way meant to offend anybody. Now in my opinion, and this is where Scooter and I disagree, I feel like Asher owes Hip-Hop, as a collective, an explanation. Becauase, yeah sure, I heard his side of the story, but the rest of you didn’t. Scooter feels that if Asher responds to the fuck boys who took the original tweet and blew it out of proportion, that’d he just be catering to…fuck boys. And while I agree with this somewhat, I still think Asher should speak on it.  Stay tuned.

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272 Responses to “On Asher Roth & Nappy Headed Hoes”

  1. Slim Says:

    I’m mixed and I tend to think everyone is a bit racist at some point in there life.

    I’m curious, Eskay have you ever made a racial comment?

    That being said Asher should have JUST ADDRESSED IT OFF THE TIPPY. See Rick Ross.

  2. daddyphatsax Says:

    don imus isnt a racist and neither is asher, this whole thing is ridiculous

  3. daddyphatsax Says:

    black people say racist shit everyday and noone ever asks for an apology from them…when a white person makes any type of race related joke everyone gets their panties in a bunch…get over yourselves black people

  4. spirit equality Says:

    and anybody who labels his comments as ‘racist’ is either a moron, or is looking for a reason to start controversy

    ^^^ you’re splitting hairs…some call it racist, some call it racially insensitive, some call it racial….the point is, he apologized for the shit because he knew it was wrong to say. that means that he understands there are some racially suspect ways to read what he said and therefore anybody who responded to this and called it racially insensitive or racial or whatever is justified to think so as well. you’re right that he should publicly apologize. i don’t even understand why it’s taken this long. he could record a video blog with a flip cam and dead this whole shit in 30 seconds. anyone who sees dude genuinely apologize and keeps going in on him will be people who would never like him anyway.

  5. big boi Says:

    man fuck asher roth anyways who cares he got fucking lucky he got big, made money of sum bullshit who cares he should be happy with that i sure as shit didnt buy his album so that is my way of talking shit.

  6. Quinn Essential Says:

    Fuck college …

    It just gets people way too worked up.

  7. street Knowledge Says:

    Moderately successful?

    If Jada would have sold that everybody would have said flop. He sold a million plus of a song that will only be played during keg parties at high schools and colleges.

    70,000 copies will steady internet and MTV rotation? Thats it?
    Why didn’t the million plus who bought the I Love College song then and go buy his album?

    Because it is a gimmick and that song is the only one they bought into.
    I just came from a tour around the country 38 cities with Nipsey Hussle and The Game and 95% of the fans were white and Latino

    And they all wanted to real street hip hop, and were fascinated by gang culture.

    Asher Roth would have gotten eaten alive by those crowds who were filled with nothing but kids who love college.

    Asher is wack and I dare any of you to say you got that shit in your ipod playlist, cause if you do you need to kill kill yourself.

    Hip Hop is Dead…

  8. d Says:

    i wont lie, it took me 3 views of this picture to even notice asher roth was even in it. and my eyes wandered off him jus as quickly as they happened to notice him

  9. agentORANGE Says:

    ya’ll making a big deal out of shit, like clearly this is a joke and because he’s white its being blown out of proportion. As Eskay said, it’s a double standard, if lil jon said nappy heady hoes, you’d fuckin bump that shit all day, but because dude’s white, its a big deal. Give the dude a break, he fucked up and didn’t apologize publically. But even if he did, all the hata’s out there was still hate, regardless

  10. Kid Nice Says:

    not a fan but the dude is obviously not a racist…he just doesn’t know how to be funny!

  11. prophecy_projectz Says:

    Eskay, why? lol

    You didnt need to write all that. Its a fucking non-issue, he obviously made a tounge and cheek ironic quip shot at Imus and the whole Rutgers Women’s Basketball fiasco and then realized people on the internet are too stupid to understand irony and ended apologizing and backtracking thus succumbing to the “jump the gun” mentality of people on the net.

    You were right in the first paragraph that anyone who thinks he’s a racist is a moron but then to lecture him over an unfunny joke is making a bigger deal out of nothing.

    Are you just doing this just because fucking Bol is trying to get in your head? Man, just leave it ignore it, and stop making it this big talking point when its not

    I’ve heard more would be racist slick shit from South Park and no one gets offended even if its jokes.

  12. elgindotcom Says:

    <<ya’ll making a big deal out of shit, like clearly this is a joke and because he’s white its being blown out of proportion. As Eskay said, it’s a double standard, if lil jon said nappy heady hoes, you’d fuckin bump that shit all day, but because dude’s white, its a big deal. Give the dude a break, he fucked up and didn’t apologize publically. But even if he did, all the hata’s out there was still hate, regardless<<

    of course its a big deal that he said it.. he needs to get punched in his fuckin’ face for saying it. theres a million double standards in this world that work in the advantage of caucasian people.. if there is 1 or 2 that work in the favor of minorities, we still have alot of leveling of the playing field to do.

  13. Dunny Says:

    I think it’s kind of shame that Eskay should be expected to write a freaking term paper on this fuckery. I mean, there can’t be this many people on the internet that actually care about this BS. Asher obviously isn’t racist… People have way too much time on their hands if Asher Roth making a Nappy Headed Hoes joke is their main concern. Hell, “nappy” itself wasn’t even as serious as it was until Imus went and made a huge ass out of himself.

    Honestly, the only reason this is a big deal is because people MADE it a big deal by Asher giving the opportunity to by posting that tweet. The only thing he should really be guilty for is a lack of common sense.

  14. EJ Says:

    I don’t like Asher Roth, but I also don’t really think its this big of a deal. People are too fucking sensitive. I don’t even think he should have to apologize. It was a joke. Jokes are, 9 times out of 10, fucked up things you say. When did we become this society where artists have to be robots and can’t say anything or it might offend somebody? Pull your big girl panties up and quit trippin’ over the dumb shit.

  15. mike Says:

    Why should asher roth give a fuck what eskay or anyone here thinks? Black people are not buying his album, regardless if he said that or not. You are not his audience or demographic, white teenagers and college aged kids ARE… and they dont give a fuck about what he said (btw it was obviously a joke, fuck all the Political Correctness shit, you fucking cracker ass nigger ass gook ass spic ass mf)

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  17. RollingStoned (c) Says:

    he a genuine dude, no homo

  18. nappyheadedhoe Says:

    im… offended? for the namedrop..

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  21. WTF Says:

    Get the fuck over that shit yall are so fuckin stupid. im white nappy headed hoes so fucking what

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