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Video: Asher Roth’s 4/20 Suggestions

Asher offers some suggestions on what to do on 4/20.

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22 Responses to “Video: Asher Roth’s 4/20 Suggestions”

  1. nirun Says:

    personal blunts

  2. em Says:


  3. Wolverine Says:

    Holographic Double drops tomorrow… i’m going to send it to the nah.right email…

  4. Scotty Rock Says:

    Blunts. This is great to tell kids, right?

  5. Joe 88 Says:

    Oh shit it is 4/20

    *Breaks out exotic bud*

    *Breaks out vanilla dutch*

    *Breaks out Rick Ross “Deeper than rap” CD*

    *Breaks up weed on it*

  6. samsohn Says:

    “marijuana ain’t a drug…”

    “when times get hard I pick up that card with the Smiley Face/
    call ’em over to my place/”

    “I wanna talk to Samsohn!”

  7. yaboy Says:

    asher roth said “smoke some dope..”


  8. elgindotcom Says:

    how about get asher a good haircut.. maybe thats why i cant stand this devil.. yeah, ashor.. come with me and get a fresh norm and maybe your weak attempt at what is known as hiphop will sound slightly better..

  9. Starks Says:

    elgindotcom you’re basing a guys music off his looks you faggot…

  10. aabbcc Says:

    that guy is allllllright.

  11. elgindotcom Says:

    no.. im basing it off him being a complete cornball. how can a cornball make anything i can relate to, especially since im not corny.. but obviously you are because your sticking up for this guy. b mad.

  12. Starks Says:

    come with me and get a fresh norm and maybe your weak attempt at what is known as hiphop will sound slightly better..

    You’re saying his music might be better if he looks better lol. you’re the cornball…

  13. gregston Says:

    elgindotcom isn’t corny but he has a personal beef with a redhead from Pa that raps about his life(which is what raps about) over his haircut. good job you loser haha. It’s Sunday and I feel like hating.

  14. gregston Says:

    personal beef with someone who has no idea his haircut offends a grown man*

  15. Djen Says:

    Asher’s mad at his haircut too; the barber fucked him over.

  16. Shmoke-n-a pancake Says:

    Its just hair. You don’t hear hair on the album you fags. Look at Murs for Example. People like you won’t sleep until you’ve successfully hated enough and South Park makes an episode about Asher Roth’s Hair.

  17. Shmoke-n-a pancake Says:

    and i am sure that is a fresh cut. But the label probably wants him to look like a prep to draw an audience.

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  19. elgindotcom Says:

    sidebar.. i refuse to listen to murs because of his stupid ass hair that looks like a fucking tree is growing out of his head.. well, it really has more to do with his rant about not dating black women anymore.

    both dudes are super corny, musik is complete garbage, so yeah.. im hating. im hating that because of the internet they have been able to perpetuate a movement that doesnt even or should exist.

  20. elgindotcom Says:

    xtra sidebar.. if your cut isnt a fresh norm, you got the wrong barber.

  21. de la Says:

    reasonable policy
    15 trillion us dolllars
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ash is whack

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