Wiz Khalifa – Flight School Artwork


Dropping this Friday.

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23 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa – Flight School Artwork”

  1. Beezy aka BurnTree Madoff Says:

    yo something is screwy with Nah when I refresh

  2. wavy is a cliche Says:

    i been sayin that shit since yesterday

  3. sean coonery Says:

    this nigger looks like Tyga doesn’t he?

    tyga-wiz khalifa
    they dress the same
    wear the same shades
    have the same tattoos
    are both light skinned yella bones

  4. Beezy aka BurnTree Madoff Says:

    yeah wavy its been doing it since yesterday for me too.

  5. Beezy aka BurnTree Madoff Says:

    also eskay if you notice the last post doesn’t link to this one in the upper right.

  6. wavy is a cliche Says:

    yo es get on your fucking job

  7. Beezy aka BurnTree Madoff Says:

    yea man, he sittin back there munchin on doritos watching the dog whisperer….get this shit together.

  8. MR. MEEN Says:

    is that ish on wiz’s neck for real? smh.

  9. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    scott storch is an epic stem puller now.

  10. Beyonder Says:

    Something is skewed with that cover….

  11. Artie Says:

    Wiz ain’t nothing like Tyga. Wiz has been dropping music since 2002. Wiz has been gettin cosigns from REAL music people since he was 18. What is a Tyga? It’s a Lil Wayne artist that suddenly “popped up” out West when Wiz’s record started to blow up on that coast. Stop mentioning Tyga’s name with Wiz’s man. Do your homework.

  12. ridalen Says:

    damn wiz u got some kinda luck dont u

    nigga been grindin for years and as soon as he get some kinda buzz he looks almost exactly like some clown ass rapper from out west (tyga) lol

    the resemblance IS uncanny!

  13. Wiz Khalifa - Flight School (Artwork x Tracklist) | 2dopeboyz Says:

    […] this Friday. Forgot to post last night as I was chest deep in tax deduction numbers. Shouts to esk on the reminder. Hit the jump for the full […]

  14. Adog Says:

    Yo niqqas wiz has been droppin bombs for years n years his lyrics beats and swagger just gettin noticed now hes gonnna explode end of this year. Just listen to atl freestlye on you tube hes smokin good and txtin n the freestlye is amazing. Wild lyrics mind n beats reppin 412 taylor gang

  15. theticket Says:

    looking forward to this

  16. lala Says:

    I actually thought this was tyga for a minute. Haha! I think Wiz’s album is gonna be good tho. Is this his first or second?

  17. alby412 Says:

    Artie, you gotta calm down…anyway. I’m waiting to see how this mixtape is. Wasn’t feelin the last joint wit mad auto tune jams

  18. BurghBitch Says:

    Artie…I understand where ur coming from in regards to Wiz and Tyga but u gotta understand that Tyga is more famous than Wiz. So that’s why so many ppl comparing Wiz to Tyga. So my question to you is…why isn’t Wiz blown up yet? What is taking so long for his fame to rise?

  19. Tre Robinson Says:


  20. shane Says:

    this is like 7th?

    grow season
    show and prove
    prince of the cirty 2
    star power
    flight school

    okay its his 6th….you can find all his music on youtube

  21. young412straightblazer Says:

    flight school is real hot

  22. Josh Says:

    wiz khalifa is sick and he is way better than tyga wackself, flight school best album

  23. Josh Says:

    and deal or no deal is pretty tight

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