Video: Curren$y This Ain’t No Mixtape Interview

Curren$y’s album This Ain’t No Mixtape: in stores next Tuesday, 4/21.

Curren$y talks about the mixtapes, No Limit, his fall out with Wayne, etc and of course the album.

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16 Responses to “Video: Curren$y This Ain’t No Mixtape Interview”

  1. jimmy valentime Says:

    Am at the y if u around holla …

  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Fuck Yo' Thoughts Says:


  3. jimmy valentime Says:

    Is in the spot

    Rockin the nintendo hoody

    Holla if u around

  4. JDS Says:

    Black Thought is so incredibly underrated it is beyond sad.

    i was shuffling through some music on iTunes and ended up on that “Cause I’m Black” song off of Styles’ last album, and his verse is so dope its like i was hearing it for the first time.

    why he isn’t brought up in top 10 lists, featured more, or has his own album is beyond me.

    i remember he was supposed to do “Masterpiece Theater” but that turned into “Phrenology”. as much as i love The Roots he really needs to drop something outside of ?uesto, Kamal, and the bunch.

  5. SeeAmI? Says:

    yo eskay where can i find that track from that max b quarantine wave video you posted….

    its not on the quarantine wave mixtape

  6. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    Tell them pussy ass niggas don’t botha me

  7. sangano Says:



    Eli > Curren$y

    I DEEEED it!!

  9. Gucci Phelps Says:

    oh shit nike air yeezy gay fish colorway – flaming hot fiyaaaaaaaaaa!

    *cops on GP*

  10. Gucci Phelps Says:


  11. NotU Says:

    That deeper than rap album is rat food

  12. Paperboi P Says:

    Curren$y>Young Money’s whole roster

  13. k Says:

    currency tha hot spitta!!

  14. Nx Says:

    ^This Aint No Mixtape FTW lmfao

  15. Brik Says:

    FS JETS!!!! I’m bang them mixtapes hardddddddd…but I took all of them out of my CD changer just to cool down the speakers til the album drops next tuesday.

    “In Stores”?!?

  16. ThatDude Says:

    what happened with him and wayne?

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