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Folk&Stress – Sam Kinison

Here’s the final leak and the first “single” off Folk&Stress’ upcoming mixtape Outside the Box.

Folk&Stress – Sam Kinison

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6 Responses to “Folk&Stress – Sam Kinison”

  1. k Says:

    probably not first now

  2. Darth Cipher Says:

    TheCo!!inB Says:

    April 13th, 2009 at 6:03 pm
    eskay on Cassie:
    She’s overrated anyway…
    ^ ^ ^
    the day after our lord and savior raises and you say something blasphemous like this?

    i agree!!!… i always wondered why people see her as the god’s tit, bitch ain’t that hot, she just got nice lips

  3. k Says:

    wait a minute, these boys got some spit to ’em

    too bad they boarding school students who just trying to speak the dunn language

  4. BIG STRONG Says:

    I’m convinced that 75% of you are gay from the comments you make and it’s ok because we live in a brave new world where all kinds of queer things are ok. With that being said yes Cass could still get it even with a half of shaved head and yes she is over rated

    *Threw out the bait to see if any Gay Fish would take it*
    Remembers to throw it out again when Amp is around. lol

  5. Kell-El Says:

    she just got nice lips

    ^ Shoo sometimes that all it takes

  6. LOOP Says:


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