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Charles Hamilton – Before I Go To The Store + MTV2 Cribs


Charles Hamilton – Before I Go To The Store

Charles Hamilton “and his new girlfriend” – MTV2 Cribs

Bonus: MC Lyte feat. Charles Hamilton – Loading

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15 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – Before I Go To The Store + MTV2 Cribs”

  1. 57 Live Says:

    Is this nigga serious?a what would sonic do t-shirt?the bitches I fuck with would hurt this nigga feelings

  2. Jammy Jones Says:

    i can’t stand this dukie weems nigga, i mean his whole image is just mad corny to me….aint no way he gonna blow up with his pink getups, scruffy look and sonic infatuation…..

  3. le0 Says:

    Does this cat ever go to a real studio to make music.

  4. Stratford Lex Says:

    The MC Lyte track is nice, amped for the project

  5. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    Charles the beat stealer :).

  6. Hip Hop Since Birth Says:

    This dude is misrepresentation of Harlem. I mean Serius Jones breathes and cultivates a Harlem lifestyle more than this wanksta, and he’s from Jersey! His music sucks, he need a sitdown with Cam, Mcgruff, Listen to some Big L, Children of The Corn Demos, Mase and The Teamstas! I mean cmon how this dude even get a deal, must’ve been a Mountain Climber who plays an electric Guitar. One producer/rapper thats dope is J Cole in Queens via NC. I guess its left to people like Juelz, Jim, Cam to keep the town repped right!
    Where the Harlem or Uptown A&R’s in the game at like Hip Hop, Gee, Lenny S, and Geno Sims at?

  7. Hip Hop Since Birth Says:

    Hey Sonic take notes from this guy

  8. Yayza Says:

    Fuck this beat thief.


  9. Yayza Says:

    Watch out or he might steal your beat!

  10. Yayza Says:


  11. Yayza Says:


  12. ASD Says:

    Why does another nigga care about what another nigga’s image? Unless youre a fucking homo, then you have the right to talk about how cute you think he does/doesn’t look. Listen to the music and then you can judge. And dont just listen, Fucking try to wrap your tiny little brain around what he’s saying.

  13. kage Says:

    “…His music sucks, he need a sitdown with Cam, Mcgruff, Listen to some Big L, Children of The Corn Demos”

    dude’s aieady done a few Big L tributes

  14. Dennis F Says:

    Charles on some dumb shit right now, real dumb

  15. Hip Hop Since Birth Says:

    My point is Big L would’ve never fucked with a clown like this…never!
    The only new dude who is nice and basically has the pass is Jae Millz, he’ll smoke Charles Hamilton any day. he is doing tributes cause he need a co-sign or better yet want attention, flush this tad pole back down the toilet, he sucks!

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