PICS: Young Dro ft. Yung L.A. – Take Off Video Shoot


Images from the set of Young Dro’s new video “Take Off” feat. Yung L.A., first single off Dro’s sophomore album this summer.

Shot in Atlanta by Gabriel Hart.. he’s on fire right now (recently directed 4 Jeezy vids, Fat Joe Cupcakes, etc)

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11 Responses to “PICS: Young Dro ft. Yung L.A. – Take Off Video Shoot”

  1. Rockabye Says:

    That top center pic is quite bromantic.

  2. Gucci Phelps Says:

    i love these dudes [||]


  3. Gucci Phelps Says:

    applaud dro for staying relevant – dude is always updating his shit to stay in the mix and of course he puts out good shit reggalarly

  4. jimmy valentime Says:

    On some shyt if asher enters the vibe contest everybody else Might have to fall back

    He is neck and neck with the realest for goat swagger jacker

    The number one stan contest is a werid title

    That like nas name a contest ether yourself

  5. Gucci Phelps Says:


  6. Eastern_Digital Says:

    so bamma-rific

  7. jimmy valentime Says:

    Dro! nasty with the mutli style…

  8. Gucci Phelps Says:

    LOL a dro in the pilot hat, these cats always keep the comedy coming

    blackboywhiteboy movement!

  9. spirit equality Says:

    if you see bammas rocking the pilot’s scarf, give dro his credit. hahaha

  10. Oscar Says:


  11. Success Jae Says:

    shouts out to Raz (Beat Billionaire) on the track…you got next, kid!

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