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Video: Mos Def Says Jay, Kanye, Wayne Can’t Beat Him In A Battle

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43 Responses to “Video: Mos Def Says Jay, Kanye, Wayne Can’t Beat Him In A Battle”

  1. clocksuckaz Says:

    fucking first drunk mos rattle battle talk mofos

  2. Lan Says:

    Yea he drunk but he’ll eat any of them niggas (none).

  3. Sick-a Says:

    of course every rapper thinks they can beat other rappers in a battle. No one is going to immediately submit to someone else especially if they are already followed by a lot of buzz. They have already built big ego’s to keep them moving. Son can’t be declaring victory already though cause you never know right?

  4. sb Says:

    not even a fan. not even close to a fan. but i agree.

  5. CK Says:

    Mos Def is insane, but he’s not THAT good

    come on now…I always thought dude was humble

  6. Haqq Says:

    He’s not drunk mann… He doesnt drink/smoke.

  7. - keka - Says:

    dont know bout jay??? – but, the rest of them aint got nothing for mos def. . . drunk or not.. he might not make the best albums but, dude can spit,

  8. lea Says:

    jay def not, kanye itll go a couple rounds…..wayne…mos wins just because his rhymes make sense!

  9. thekid10705 Says:

    Jay is the only one who can hang with Mos. Mos got some shit!!

    I love Yeezy but didn’t Mos already smoke his ass backstage in that footage Dame Dash was in?

    Weezy, C’mon now!

  10. iStax Says:

    Real Shit Nas Would Dude Alive!!!

  11. iStax Says:

    Would Eat Dude Alive

  12. dopesir Says:

    who cares. dudes drunk + fagets around instigating.

  13. Smear Says:

    Nah my money’s on mos….

  14. StannyRamirez Says:

    Who is the chick spitting fire in the second vid??????? Someone needs to sign this girl ASAP

  15. sangano Says:

    MOS !!!

  16. spirit equality Says:

    mos would scrape the floor with 2009 jay. are you kidding? he would slaughter wayne too, esp. 2009 rambling on a rock instrumental Wayne. he could take kanye in any year. pick a year.

    mos should run up on rappers with a duffel bag full of hundreds, one million in cash, with 20 goons from BKNY as security…and just run up on rappers like “I’ll battle you right NOW for one million”. bet everything that they’ll decline.

    all that said, that “bing bing bing, thinger with thing thingers” couplet was wack. did i miss some type of ill reference there?

  17. spirit equality Says:

    Nas Would Dude Alive!!!

    ^^^ illmatic nas might, but not 2009 nas. start living in the present, fam.

  18. spirit equality Says:

    the girl in the second video is pretty dope.

    sounded like she said her name was sister soul in the beginning of her freestyle and i thought mos made reference to her and her man being from detroit near the end of the second video. googled “sista soul detroit” and came up with a dj sister soul born in detroit. doesnt really look like her from the pics, but maybe someone with a keener eye than me can discern (i’m the type of dude that gets thrown off when women change their hairstyle, so my opinion is wack in this regard). anyway, peep: http://www.myspace.com/djsistersoul

  19. and the winner is.. Says:

    nmc running this rap shit..

  20. airrboii Says:


    am i crazy or did i see him rolling up in the previous video about DOOM??

    i would put money on mos just cuz he’s so confident. no one can bring him off his game.

    but lets be honest, anything sounds dope if mos says it…somethin about his voice (pause pause pause)

  21. Acrobat Says:

    I can get w/ that claim Mos is makin, drunk or not.
    Not sayin Jay or Kanye are weak or anything (Wayne sure as hell IS)…but as of late Mos has fire.

    he few joints he’s dropped in 08-09 show he’s still bringing it…that Rising Down track w/ the Roots….Mos went IN on that…its some deep ish


    Then you’ve got that BK Go Hard version of his, that gets steady play in the iPod.

  22. whybei Says:

    he isn’t drunk, but he does drink and smoke… he’s even smoking in the video… bra, we’re all just fuckin around after having dinner!!! mos always tells me these elaborate business plans that he never follows thru on… on the way down do “the woodward” he kept talkin about the rap battle after hearing me play jay and waynes music… i told him “nigga , u’ve been sayin that same ol shit for over a half a year now!!!” so after dinner i went to the ride got my camera and shot this… i have tons of video’s where he goes at jay for NO REASON AT ALL!!!!

  23. Theo Huxtable Says:

    yea mos smoke i saw like 3 youtube vids of him rolling in them everytime

  24. amir Says:

    the girl spitting fire even iller than mos is mama sol. see whats good: http://www.myspace.com/mamasol999

  25. ferma Says:

    for tha real hip-hop, mos > wayne, no question

    mos vs. jay would be nice to see

    for tha people (there are a lot) who think kanye > mos, i want to know what justifies that, i never understood why people believe kanye is one of tha best rappers out there, he is one of tha best producers, but he’s never awed me as a rapper

    can someone just give me something on why kanye is so loved as a rapper, i mean actual rapper (how much does lyricism pertain to being a rapper anymore?) besides tha production, co-signs and features, what is kanye

  26. Tha Den Says:

    Tha chick was nice w/ tha spit.

  27. MARS Says:

    Mos could not hold a candle to the flames of Jay-Z.. He is not street..

  28. Knowledge God7 Says:

    I have to side with Mos hands down…Maybe with Jay it”ll be tight but the other have no chance…Nasty Nas All Day!!!

  29. DoLcE Says:

    Mos could easely kill Jay, Yeezy and Weezy with his eyes closed
    unreal how people overlook the underground kings
    it’s like saying Doom couldn’t murk the same people
    retarded, whenever the kings left only stupid rappers stayed
    and the world somehow started thinking that they’re the best
    hop off

  30. postman Says:

    if anyone else (no andre) came out, this fucked up or not, and said some shit like this, they’d be considered a joke; mos is the only cat who can say this shit 24/7 and have those guys steer clear.

  31. Mole Man Says:

    Mos could not hold a candle to the flames of Jay-Z.. He is not street..

    Get outta here with that street shit. Doesnt fuckin matter if you are or not.

  32. sf23 Says:

    Mos is nice wit it but the only rapper out of the 3 who would go for it is kanye. Unless big money is involved its not worth Jay’s time & wayne…….who knows

  33. Katke Says:

    Weezy would eat him with his wordplay punches!

  34. Mos Def Still Wants To Battle Jay-Z Or Kanye | "I do this for my culture..." Says:

    […] think we ignored this story when it first broke. But thankfully, Mos Def still wants to battle rap’s big dawgs. But as he […]

  35. Ozzier Says:

    Forget the battle.. I couldn’t even take this serious cause I was too busy laughin at that flock of ivy league thugs Mos was hangin around. That shit looked like a skit from the Dave Chappelle Show with Mos screamin “I’m Hood” while standing in the middle of the Howard University debate team. lol

  36. musicdawg Says:

    yo, iam a big mos def, jay-z, kanye, rakim, black thought fan, but mos def is more insightful. He can take anything and talk about it to the fullest, jay-z is a great rapper, but mos could probably beat him in a freestyle, mos def’s freestyles are insane

  37. Jermaine Says:

    Mos Def is a true lyricist but not anuff hits under his belt but Jay Z on the other hand is Hova the God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he got hit for days an he spits fire. Thats very low Mos Def beggin for some of the spot light….
    Rakim is the man and will always be no matter what….
    Jay been hitting for the last 10-11 years thats insane.
    Some tell Mos Def I can get him a job with me if he needs it that bad
    The bottom line is if you dont make dollar the you dont make sence
    Mos Def dont even got a classic under his belt he should dot be talking to Jay

  38. Dusty Says:

    Heres how it would go. Kanye would have absolutely nothing to say. The dude can barely write anything above a third grade level let alone freestyle battle. Wayne and jay could probably hold their own but mos would win cause hes just on another level lyrically. Remember mathematics? Remember hip hop? Its a first round tko for m.d.

  39. christa Says:

    There is a youtube of mos rolling a J so im pretty sure he smokes……

  40. christa Says:

    and he may not be the “best” commercial rapper but as far as freestyle mos would kill them all he has words flowing out of his mouth like the damn mississippi river he could go all day and sound good and make sense and clown you……..whoever thinks he cant keep up with Jay-z obviously hasn’t heard him flow

  41. christa Says:

    check out youtube browse mos def a milli

  42. christa Says:

    mos doesn’t have a classic because he isn’t mainstream and really its a matter of opinion cause to me resperation, definition, and universal magnetic are classics….he just doesn’t beg for radio play like most…… shoot i was a fan since his urban thermodynamic days so i guess im bias….do know how hard it was to find a UTD album in Florida???? LOL

  43. Pretty as a... Says:

    ok….so make it happen Jay Z…. Respond nicca!!! Guess you don’t give 2 shits that Mos mentioned it’s for a good cause dude so f— your pride… F— feeling like you gonna get knocked off you high horse calling yourself Jay Hova (went too far with that god complex sh–) take that loss for the kids Jay! Jay might THINK he too good to respond (laughable) but Numbers don’t mean shit. People will buy ANYTHING-even 5 minute long tracks talkin bout ol mcdonald stepped in some shit if the beats was tight and it had a nice delivery. They’ll even call that shit a classic. Take that ass whuupin for hip hop Jigga. lolol…Can you really stand up for REAL hip hop? “Jay Hova”….the fu– outta here. I’ll take leave to see this!!! Put it on pay per view…don’t worry Jay, after you lose and you feelin low, Bey will “cater to you”….but right now “ya holding up traffic. Green means GO” Jay will be the greatest rapper living if he’s the last man living…in my humble opinion…pink_n_green926

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