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Video: Classified – Self Explanatory EPK

Click play assholes.

Class talks about the new album, signing with Sony, and gives you a tour of his old high school. ‘Self Explanatory’ is in stores and online THIS TUESDAY April 7!!

Previously: Classified ft. Royce da 5′9 & B.o.B. – They Call This (Hip Hop) | Classified, D12 & Royce Da 5′9″ in Europe (Video)

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32 Responses to “Video: Classified – Self Explanatory EPK”

  1. Danielson a.k.a. Dat Mixed Race Nigga Says:

    Asleep In The Bread Isle


  2. rex hussla Says:

    I was disgusted by how wack that Eminem track/video was last night…

    but I only listened to it twice and that hook has been stuck in my head ALL DAY maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I guess it’ll be a hit

    The beat and hook are insane, but still…the rapping is awful

  3. secondbest21 Says:

    my 500 gig drive just got wiped out (i think). all music. i am hoping i’m wrong as HELL.

  4. eskay Says:



  5. geico lizard Says:

    Q: If you were a male stripper, what song would you dance to? I would have to go with “Regulate” by Warren G and Nate Dogg, being that it is silky smooth yet very manly.
    — Victor, Waretown, N.J.

    SG: “Picture Me Rollin'” by Tupac. That’s my answer for everything: male stripper song, cell-phone ring, song for my major league at-bat, music for my somber “SportsCenter” highlight package if I died, my entrance for a boxing match, you name it. It’s a song that fits any scenario — past, present or future — and makes it slightly better. I even used it for a three-paragraph analogy in “The Book of Basketball.” You cannot find a song that works in more ways, not even “Slow Ride” by Foghat.

    Bill Simmons >>>

  6. eskay Says:

    >>The beat and hook are insane, but still…the rapping is awful

    the rapping really isn’t awful, the content is. the wordplay and flow are crazy.

  7. rex hussla Says:

    eskay Says:

    April 7th, 2009 at 8:04 pm
    >>The beat and hook are insane, but still…the rapping is awful

    the rapping really isn’t awful, the content is. the wordplay and flow are crazy.

    But why that Triumph the Insult Dog type flow? Is he just bored with murdering tracks the normal way? I don’t get it…that’s why I kinda stopped checking for him ’cause that shit is like nails on the chalkboard to me.

  8. secondbest21 Says:

    yo, that eminem joint was… eh, i don’t know. at 1st listen, i found out that i’m still annoyed as hell over that habeeb accent thing he does, so 30 seconds into his 1st, i shut it down. fuck that. then i said, “ok, it is em, give it a chance”. listened to the 1st verse. still don’t like it. i read all of the comments after the jump. overall, i think i have seen stannery at it’s best. the lyrics were not that great (to em and em’s unbiased fans standards), and y’all need to cut that bullshit out. if some newbie popped up with this song, would you be giving it the same praise? stop playing, B…

  9. the_kurupter Says:

    fuck this is gay, Eskay you should fire this Nation dude for posting this Classified shit… the guy is a joke and the biggest loser up here.. you should just give us a way to filter out Nation’s posts Eskay

  10. the_kurupter Says:

    Fuck Classified and Fuck Nation

  11. Joe_Canadian Says:

    Nobody In Canada even likes this guy. Seriously, and by the way- he should stop trying.

  12. the_kurupter Says:

    In Canada a classified cd means the same thing as a cheap drink coaster

  13. t.dot Says:

    why all the hate?^^

    classified is dope son GTFO
    you don’t know shit about the Canadian hip-hop scene.

  14. CanadaStandUp Says:

    ^^^^^You’re comedy…clown….name one Canadian Artist who is even close??

    Props to Es & Nation for helping Canada get some shine…good music is Universal

  15. me fool Says:

    This kurrupter guy is str8 jealous . class is dope as hell

  16. Joe_Canadian Says:

    You really Think someone is jealous of some bum ass newfie? fuck outta here

  17. the_kurupter Says:

    fuck you why would i be jealous classified is a poor ass welfare bitch from the maritimes whose ride is a ’09 BusPass

  18. Joe_Canadian Says:


  19. Joe_Canadian Says:

    Classified be straight living off of employment insurance

  20. Skriz Says:

    well its good to see a lota fuckin haters, just proves class be doin his thing. maybe ya should actually listen to the shit first and take the voyage with martin finch, already been had this cd on blast.

  21. Kev Says:

    he aint no newfie, he’s reppin NS. Scotia baby!

  22. CanadaStandUp Says:

    Joe Canadian & Kurupter….you didn’t answer the question…who in Canada comes close?
    Y’all are clowns, obviously 14, listenin to G-Unit & Belly, while askin mom for your allowance…..fuck outtaa here…

  23. Joe_Canadian Says:

    Ah, no…….not G-Unit, and Belly…nor any Canadian rappers, funded by government grants.

  24. Stikz Says:

    His album is bananas, any of you idiots think otherwise need to get your heads checked. His production is on point, his lyrics are good and he’s co-signed by ROyce and tons of other notable mc’s.

  25. Joe_Canadian Says:

    Go Kill yourself, seriously

  26. Joe_Canadian Says:

    Anyone who can stand through listening to an entire album by this guy, should immediately end their life

  27. the_kurupter Says:

    first of all fuck Belly and Fuck G Unit.. and fuck Co-Signage in general.. Classified is ass he needs to get a real job — fuck the Canadian rap scene in general– at least gay ass nation aint posting any bullshit canadian indian rap GTFOH!

  28. the_kurupter Says:

    Razzy Kazzy!

  29. the_kurupter Says:

    CanadaStandUp is prolly pussyassClass himself

  30. nation Says:

    the_kurupter is clearly a bum ass rapper that’s never gonna get a post on here. just keep my name out of your mouth and you can hang out here all you want

  31. Joe_Canadian Says:

    Nation, word of advice, keep your mouth shut when people more knowledgeable than yourself are discussing things [.]

  32. the_kurupter Says:

    damn nation im no rapper you aint knowin what you talkin… re-up entertainment!!!

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