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Video: Bishop Lamont Says He’s Still Aftermath

…and then shits on DJ Vlad. Lamont says Vlad did it because he wouldn’t talk to him. He says when he did talk to Vlad, he told him he heard it from a “higher up source.”

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21 Responses to “Video: Bishop Lamont Says He’s Still Aftermath”

  1. 40 Inc Says:

    yea am watchin live on his myspace gave out dj vald numba and e-mail shittin on em DAMN

  2. Micheal Tyson aka Ill fuck you till you love me faggot Says:

    GLAAD >>>>>DJ Vlad

  3. geico lizard Says:

    Vlad the impaler >>> DJ Vlad

  4. Micheal Tyson aka Ill fuck you till you love me faggot Says:

    The Claps >>>>> DJ Vlad

  5. clocksuckaz Says:

    curling >>>>>>dj vlad

  6. Illersz1 Says:

    this is how its start …ask Joey

  7. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Lamont Sanford>>Bishop Lamont

  8. Illersz1 Says:

    i mean …Joel ! lol

  9. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Mitsubishi Galant>>Bishop Lamont

  10. Voltron Says:

    is this livE?

  11. santinog. Says:

    “curling > dj vlad”

    LOL damn, thats cold.

  12. santinog. Says:

    “curling > dj vlad”

    LOL damn, thats cold.

  13. TheSouth Says:

    Vlade Divac>Dj Vlad

  14. Grand Noble Says:

    Damn wish I had seen that live, didn’t know what half the stuff he was talking about because he was just responding to the writers…

  15. Jammy Jones Says:

    Fred the Godson > Vlad.

  16. ShamanRap.Com Says:

    You seems like aftermath is going down. Even Pimpin Curly has his ratings poor.

  17. GemsOfGemz Says:

    bruce waynes butler >>> vlad

  18. DeHere Says:

    Vladomir Radmanovic > DJ Vlad…..nigga has been doin some real hoe shit just because niggas refuse interviews…grow the fuck up son

  19. spirit equality Says:

    i wish bishop and xzibit well in getting more shine for west coast artists on their local stations. local stations in every city need to support their scenes more. it’ll only help their ratings. smh @ the idea of a program director 1500 miles away deciding what plays on a local station.

  20. Kell-El Says:

    A real Bishop >>>> Bishop Lamont

  21. 40 Inc Says:

    ^ i fucked ur mom last night cock sucka

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