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Video: KiD CuDi, Hi Tek, 88-Keys Interview

CuDi talks fan appreciation, advice from 88-Keys and talks Hi-Tek who was walking by.

After the jump, an extended interview with Cudi about his first single and crafting his debut album.

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4 Responses to “Video: KiD CuDi, Hi Tek, 88-Keys Interview”

  1. louisdondon1 Says:

    eskay Says:
    April 4th, 2009 at 2:07 am
    arm leg leg arm head

    “i lick a shot, 9 millies get burned in their retinas”
    “ice grill, hood n*ggas put your dentures in”
    “if you want beef, i cook that ANGUUSSS”

    that song be bumpin hard. oh btw eskay, do you know if there is gonna be an official t-wayne album or mixtape from wayne and t-pain?

  2. BKScribe Says:

    sleep is overrated

  3. BKScribe Says:

    that 3 for 5 dominos ad just reminded me i got some of that in the fridge…

    BEAST MODE SHALL COMMENCE. that means im up until 6 atleast

  4. Xenophon Says:

    Speaking of Ohio…..what friend/rapper/manager/A&R/T.I./blogger has to kick Cudi in the ass hard enough to get him to spit a freestyle over Cam’s “Get It In Ohio”????? If a song was more tailor-made for a person, I don’t know what….

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