Video: The Cool Kids & Asher Roth – Black Mags (Live Collabo)

Shouts to HipHopOfficial

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5 Responses to “Video: The Cool Kids & Asher Roth – Black Mags (Live Collabo)”

  1. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Smh@ niggas jockeying to get close to this white boy.But at the same time I can’t knock the hustle,this dude is a cash cow waiting to happen.

  2. Frank White Says:

    Asher Roth > “Cool” Kids. Substance > Style

  3. elgindotcom Says:

    not again

  4. Grand Noble Says:

    The performance was ok (wtf was ASher doing on the side?)

    But the video production was bomb. Like 5 cameras, editing fx added. bomb.

  5. Cool Jimmy Says:

    Why was Chuck reciting most of Mikey’s lyrics?

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