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Charles Hamilton – At Most I’m Just… (Mixtape)


And another one.

Link and tracklist below.

01 The Incubator
02 Friendly Reminder
03 I Really Fuckin Do Tho
04 Nascar
05 Parent Teacher Night
06 Hall Pass
07 Eddie Lee
08 Cosmic Hop Scotch
09 Sunstorm
10 Sci-Fi Channel
11 The Warmth, Hamiltonized
12 Rivers in Reverse
13 Brandon & Jimi Talk Fire

Download: Charles Hamilton – At Most I’m Just… (Mixtape)

Previously: Charles Hamilton – The Dead Zone (Mixtape)

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14 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – At Most I’m Just… (Mixtape)”

  1. A tribe called quest aka Bitch, Im the space invader Says:

    124th and broadway on The dead zone >

  2. just ice Says:

    is he going for some sort of record?

  3. b-ease Says:

    Honestly, I respect dude’s grind. Staff Development was my favorite LP last year. But with that said, he’s officially reached the point of oversaturation. Even if all 12 mixtapes were classic (which they’re not), this would be too much.

  4. Pooncakes Says:

    Not even
    Dude is good not amazing but he definitly has skills
    wack rappers over saturate
    I hate it when artists try to keep you waiting
    this is america
    instant gratification and shit

  5. Abe!!! Says:

    This Guy Lives In The Studio

  6. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    How many BEATS did Charles steal on this tape??

  7. B!Z Says:

    wow. this dudes grind is impeccably hard

    *allows viewers to insert there own thoughts*

  8. Jomoses Says:

    Damn I just d/l’d Dead Zone before I even open the file this shit appeared….Maybe this will pay off for CH in some Wayne like buzz before CIII….or just alotta wasted desktop space?

  9. gregston Says:

    Know what just bugged me out…his what would sonic do t-shirt and the fact that he prepped for that “emo, sad puppy, i’m misunderstood photo”…weak sauce (||)

  10. Living HypeBeast Says:

    Another one? I just don’t listen to artists that much when they drop sooo much stuff. I like to let something set it and then go to the next. When cats is dropping 6 mixtapes in 4 weeks its overbearing. CHILL CHARLES!!! Hell I JUST finally heard Well Isnt This Awkward. I been bumping Pink Lavalamp for a long time. Hopefully he doesn’t burn out of good songs by the time he drops a real LP.

  11. FRN Says:

    Even if you hate Charles, you gotta respect his grind. I’ll be d/ling this although I gotta get through Dead Zone first

  12. Lucky757 Says:

    wow. this dudes grind is impeccably hard

    *allows viewers to insert there own thoughts*

    i concur……..


  13. WPG Says:

    man CH is sick i dont care what u all think he’s better than hearing the same type of rap 24/7 and for those who “can’t understand him” at times, then you obviously need a hearing aid

  14. Preston Says:

    Haha, its Incubus inspired. I’m same age as charles so its kind of cool to know he was listening to the same lame music as me at the same time. I am definitely feeling this.

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