Evidence feat. Alchemist & Fashawn – Far Left 2 Fear & Loathing


Evidence feat. Alchemist & Fashawn – Far Left 2

Evidence feat. Alchemist & Fashawn – Fear & Loathing

Step Brothers the album is coming. Alchemist & Oh No’s Gangrene is coming. Fashawn’s Boy Meets World is coming.

UPDATE: Green ran with it and assumed it was Far Left Pt. 2, it’s actually called Fear & Loathing.

via Green’s late night twittering

After the jump, Alchemist talks about the hip-hop police.

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261 Responses to “Evidence feat. Alchemist & Fashawn – Far Left 2 Fear & Loathing”

  1. babydoll Says:

    cOLD Says:

    April 1st, 2009 at 10:11 am
    Alot of that has to do with Nas being an underdog tho. Jay’s always been on top, so it would seem more like dickriding if Jay got the same level of props from his peers. Nas is relatively humble (and always fucking up musically), so in a backwards way that makes it easier for cats to give him props.


    ^froze like heroin in ya nose

  2. cOLD Says:

    I dig the Illmatic argument to an extent, but if Nas had held the position Jay held the past 10 years, the props would be alot more understated, if existing at all.

    ^ yea that makes sense… the whole nigga on top dick riding thing is true (pause). Nas being humble im sure adds to the how niggas perceive him.

  3. b-ease Says:

    It Was Written > Illmatic

  4. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    b-ease Says:

    April 1st, 2009 at 10:06 am
    “I’m like Bob Marley…meets Marcus Garvey” (c) ‘Ye

    I thought he said, “I’m Bob Marley…meets Charles Barkley”?

    **You’re right..>I think I’ve gotten this line wrong more than once, on here, lol…that line makes even less sense, though…

  5. RIGZ Says:

    Oh my bad, my bad

    I dunno what the fuck Ye be talking about either

  6. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    nope- pap is right- gnarls barkley…that kinda makes sense…

  7. RIGZ Says:

    Barack got that chameleon vibe goin on

    When he stands next to white people, he looks white

    When he stands next to black people, he looks black

    Yeah, I just noticed that, sue me

  8. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    anybody got any april fools fuckery they dealin w/?

    i’m waiting. . . . i know the internet about to go nuts.

  9. - keka - Says:

    “cOLD Says:

    – keka – Says:

    April 1st, 2009 at 10:01 am
    feeling this!
    cool ass beat too…

    ^evil monkey”

    damn, where all the hatred comming from? i go out to buy a dutch, come back to this…. sup with that? i cant like this song?

  10. Seth Gueko Says:

    NaS >>>

    yo ALC needs to keep his ten best beats
    for the prodigy’s comeback after his jail time!
    after that will be over!! add one preemo joint, one havo, and one pete rock and the ish will be over ! m.o.b.b

  11. The Rap Up » Evidence - “Far Left 2″ (Ft. Alchemist & Fashawn) Says:

    […] I stand corrected. This bad boy is actually titled “Fear & Loathing,” according to Nah Right. […]

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