Video: U-N-I – A Love Supreme Sessions: The Release

Today is the eve of Supreme Day. Tonight at 12 midnight U-N-I & Ro Blvd will finally be dropping their long awaited album A Love Supreme on We have been doing our best to give you all of the behind the scenes footage and interviews that we felt would help you get ready for what is going to be a big moment for hip hop and for unsigned artists. This last video pretty much sums up everything that this project means to the hip hop community and to the people involved. I hope you have been enjoying the ALS Sessions, and get online early tonight before the servers crash.

I’m a little late posting it because it’s after midnight but as of 2:30am EST, it’s still not up.

Anyway keep checking to get it for free when it’s ready.

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  1. smoKESome Says:

    i thought thses niggaz had a deal

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