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Video: Rosenberg x Clinton Sparks x Chester French

Rosenberg collides with Clinton Sparks and Chester French in Vegas. Pause.

After the jump, check out the flyer for the pairs upcoming New Music Cartel and C.Sparks endorsed mixtape, Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance . Featuring guest spots from Bun B, Pharrell, Talib Kweli, Diddy, The Clipse and more.


Previously: Idle Warship ft. Chester French – Fall Back

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16 Responses to “Video: Rosenberg x Clinton Sparks x Chester French”

  1. Beezy Says:

    French Montana >

  2. KLO Says:

    eskay Says:

    March 31st, 2009 at 7:38 pm
    this nigga KLO came out the woodwork for that Kiss. what’s good my dude?

    ^^^ LOL…what’s good my dude? I’ve been checking da site here and there…y’all doing big things on nahright! Salute!

  3. the real truth Says:

    Props for whoeva posted the Last Kiss Link

  4. Furiou$tylez: www.YoureWifeStimulatesMyPackage.com Says:

    third gotdamn post im tryin to get moderated!

  5. Furiou$tylez: www.YoureWifeStimulatesMyPackage.com Says:


  6. Furiou$tylez Presents: Ethermatic Immunity Says:

    the moderation around here sucks!

  7. AmpGeez a.k.a. Rich Off Cocaine Says:

    Eminem Show > MMLP > SSLP > Encore


  8. Furiou$tylez: www.YoureWifeStimulatesMyPackage.com Says:

    so the general thoughts on the Jadakiss album is its not very good?

  9. Furiou$tylez: YoureWifeStimulatesMyPackage.com Says:

  10. Sean Coonery Says:

    “I’m really a fucking dork who just happened to be blessed with David Beckham’s face, Diddy’s swag, and the mind of a scientist.“


    Chester The Molester (aka: DRE [nah] ) > Chester French

  12. EnglandRepresent Says:

    *daps KLO*

    Where the fuck you been fella? Slanging 2 for 5 bootleg mixtapes with Caliber.

    I haven’t heard a single joint off that Kiss album yet. I refuse to believe its as shite as some of you are sayin.

  13. EnglandRepresent Says:

    *daps Crazy*

  14. rex hussla Says:

    King Mag folded?!?!? How in the fuck do I keep seeing “Urban Ink” and bullshit like that but King is folding?!?!

  15. The Bio-Chemical Slang Lord Says:

    slaughter house > Jada > az > mega



    How you always manage to type shit like this? lol

  16. lol Says:

    French Montana >


    More black women should be like Tiny.

    That chick aint goin nowhere. Shes lyin in the cut, bein loyal. Lookin after dudes 50leven kids.

    She knows where her bread is buttered.

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