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Video: Jim Jones – Frieniemes (Live @ Hip Hop Monologues Play)

I’m still laughing from Max B’s drunkass rant yesterday…

Props to BlogXilla.com

Previously: Video: Max B Responds To “Frienemies”

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3 Responses to “Video: Jim Jones – Frieniemes (Live @ Hip Hop Monologues Play)”

  1. Jammy Jones Says:

    shinin’ can’t you see im shinin’ wooooawwww oooaaaawww .. . . shinin’. can’t you see im’ shinin’ wow. oh. oh.

  2. embark Says:

    What are these wooooords?

  3. Mpho Says:

    anybody knows whats this foooools 1st week numbers lookin like?? Young Berg or Shaawty Lo??

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