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Video: Bun B Interview w/ ThisIs50

“We all grew up in the same little town. It was interesting at first cuz we ain’t really like each other. Pimp & I have very different personalities. The reason we ain’t like each other was because we didn’t know each other, we had both already kinda made up our minds, I guess, about what type of nigga the other was. He tried to call me out on some shit at football game and I told him he was dead wrong so he had to respect it. And from then we was wit each other.”

UGK’s final album, 4 Life, is in stores today.

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4 Responses to “Video: Bun B Interview w/ ThisIs50”

  1. zman Says:

    damn this method man freestyle is crazy!!
    he would slaughter 95% of all these faggot rappers out today

  2. Mpho Says:

    It’s true how rappers get over-rated as people and artist after they kick the bucket.. Coz, really who gave a fuck about Pimp C’s life and come up when that nigga was alive. Shiit, outside of the South, he was always known as the big belly nigga rappin the wack verse of Big Pimpin’, with a white Mercedes with chrome rims and a spanish broad also rockin white leather..


  3. Distant Lurker Says:

    While Pimp, R.I.P., wasn’t the strongest MC in the group (actually he was when they first started out, that’s how much Bun has stepped his game up), Pimp was the backbone of the group. He was the developer of most of their concepts, the composer of most of their beats, the singer on most of their hooks, etc.

    And I take that back, cus I would argue that Pimp was still the better MC, but dumbed his skill and style down to balance out the group. You can catch Pimp on some songs actually slaughtering Bun here and there and it’s obvious that he could’ve done that on every track. But he was content to the “color commentator” of the group and play the utility man, while Bun represented the more lyrical side.

    Trust me, there was more to Pimp than a gut and a slut. Had to defend the man cus I knew him better than that.


  4. RIPIMP Says:

    You have to respect the Pimp. While his rhymes may not have been anything stellar, they entertained and you have to realize that he was UGK’s main songwriter, producer, and composer. He damn near invented the Houston sound and when you understand how much he meant to the group and to Southern music as a whole (outside of just rap) then maybe you can understand and respect him.

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