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Video: Big Boi – “WTF is GYT?”

Big Boi is asked “WTF is GYT?”. Full explanation coming April 2nd, 2009

Just give us the full album title already. What else could it be.

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7 Responses to “Video: Big Boi – “WTF is GYT?””

  1. MR. MEEN Says:

    seriously who cares?

  2. MR. MEEN Says:

    i just want a hot album. the title could be anything if its classic.

  3. MR. MEEN Says:

    and with the hat trick good nite.

  4. Super Mario Says:

    yo U-N-I has their mixtape up now if you wanna post it.

  5. animal Says:

    get yourself together

  6. kyo Says:

    GYT= Get Yourself Tested.
    must be AIDS awareness month starting tomorrow or something

  7. E. Tiggidy Says:

    Get Yo Ticket ninjas!

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