Charles Hamilton – The Dead Zone (Mixtape)


Charles says:

Why don’t I give a f*ck about anything any mortal has to say to me? Because I’m dead. In a sense, I guess I’m a zombie. But I’m kinda not. I walk amongst you all, but the things that determine your average person’s happiness… well, don’t effect me. I store all said thoughts in “The Dead Zone”.

Tracklist/download after the jump.


Charles explains each track at his blog.

Charles Hamilton – The Dead Zone (Mixtape)

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56 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – The Dead Zone (Mixtape)”

  1. BMORRIS Says:

    What the f is this lil midget/Gary Coleman look alike talkin bout….U know what I’m tired of his a** already…UR NOT THAT BRIGHT Charles

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  4. Living HypeBeast Says:

    Def MSPaint artwork lol

  5. i have time wait nvm Says:

    damn lol ppl just log into this to critize charles y dont u just form a freaking alliance protest to the government to put charles in a desserted island use ur freaking time wisely instead of wasting ur “valuable” time criticizing someone lol cuz honestly in the real world crtitizism doesnt mean sh*t ppl its like if u trew a hand full of hiar angryly at someone seriously ppl lol if u dont like charles just u know lol dont listen to him is that simple ight lol not taking sides btw its just sad seeing ppl leave a bunch of hate comments lol peace!

  6. i have time wait nvm Says:

    lol!!!! mispelled air (hiar) my bad my bad!!! i mean air!!!!!

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