Audio: Cam’ron – Spend The Night (Unreleased)

Shouts to Stephen who sent this to me yesterday. I was gonna try to hold out for an mp3, but who knows when that’s coming.

UPDATE: Actually, my fault, you can grab the DJ version of this on this mixtape.

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54 Responses to “Audio: Cam’ron – Spend The Night (Unreleased)”

  1. Beezy Says:

    The other part was about when you are married, the woman does not have to consent to give it up. That’s also the rape part.

    ^Thats what I’m saying…that shits not rape. That bitch is property that was exchanged in a financial transaction…ergo, you can do whatever you like (no TI)

  2. sleep Says:

    Am I the only nigga who use bar soap and then shower gel. You gotta smell good for the ladies.

  3. J. Caesar Says:

    damn what a hot track that was, and the beat was something different

  4. jaffe jo ho Says:

    ima buy like 12 of these albums may 5

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