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Video: Max B Responds To “Frienemies”

“What are these words? Frienemies. What are such words? What are these prePOSterous words? What are these words? What are these units you’re selling? What are these 16,000 the first week? What are these 300 units the first week of the Christmas album? You done made Santa flop.”

Then he starts talking about Chrissy, who supposedly is responsible for the Cam & Jim disconnect in the first place…

“Why this bitch calling my phone when I told her I’m trying to cool the drama down. She called me like ‘Biggie I need you’. She don’t get enough of his dick? Miami, Chicago, Russia, she gon get on the next hotboy. I got Chrissy on tape and I’m bout to show that. I got her on my cameraphone, that’s Jim Jones’ fiancee… Told me in the car I look like a girl. I told her ‘Bitch, you look like a gorrilla, I rather look like a girl than a gorilla.'”

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21 Responses to “Video: Max B Responds To “Frienemies””

  1. thekid10705 Says:

    1st, huh?

    Max B is my dude!

  2. Crossbow Says:


  3. Micheal Tyson Says:

    at least when Curtis/Jayceon/Jenny/Killa talk greasy shit is funny and entertaining…rat b is just hella lame

    “for everybody who was talking i bought yall some rings”

    “not for your fingers”

    “but for your TOES nigga”

    “and for your belly button no homo”

    (c)Killa Cam

  4. anons Says:

    WOW! (c) Mason Betha

    Jones just takin L after L to the chin (n)

  5. Belize Says:

    Max > Max & french

  6. PW Says:

    Told me in the car I look like a girl. I told her ‘Bitch, I rather look like a girl than a gorilla.’”

    Funniest shit ive read in a while. lol.

    I dont think i agree with him tho.

  7. Hocus Pocus Says:

    Who is the dude in the back with the roc chain?

  8. and the winner is.. Says:

    wow..this is quite something…we sip grand cru..

  9. AmpGeez a.k.a. Mr. Solo Dolo Says:

    Say word Young Chris is co-signing Max lol.

  10. AmpGeez a.k.a. Mr. Solo Dolo Says:

    Yo, when the fuck did French get wavy lol?

    If Akon gave French a mil, half of that shit should go to Max, straight up.

  11. silas Says:

    rudolph does have a bright ass nose but not as bright as dudes forehead/receding hair line

  12. gutta Says:

    Max B = long hair dont care

  13. empte Says:


  14. Seth Gueko Says:

    Max Biggavel >>>>>>>>>>>>

  15. Ron Says:

    I don’t know how this nigga did 8 yrs in the bing. He run around like a fuckin smoker. Either they paying for protection or NY just really got soft. Both of them walk around like mermaids and with slurred speech. Any other town these niggas get run down on.

  16. SLICK Says:

    MAX WAZ TALKIN BOUT THIZ X-MAS ALBUM NOT THA OTHA 1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Jones_%26_Skull_Gang_Present_A_Tribute_To_Bad_Santa_Starring_Mike_Epps

  17. KThundo Says:

    callin it now…if Max catches an L on this case, French will hit the side of a milk carton within six months…Where is French now?

  18. Jomoses Says:

    Young Chris?

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