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Video: Rapper Big Pooh – The Comeback


The official music video for Rapper Big Pooh’s single “The Comeback”, from his upcoming LP Delightful Bars coming soon.

Directed by Matt Koza.

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19 Responses to “Video: Rapper Big Pooh – The Comeback”

  1. Barack Oswagga Says:


  2. nate Says:

    The track is ill….and Big Pooh/Little Brother are dope….but I dunno about this music video…

    Still love this dude tho. What happend to the girl with her ta-ta’s showing from the behind the scenes?

  3. R.J.Orion Says:

    Big Pooh always been an above-average MC …

    Big Pooh > Big Boi …

    not even close

  4. Tyson's Left Hook Says:

    What was the name of that wack label Pooh was on a few years back? It was ran by a football player or something and could never get its shit together…Anyway I got a copy of his 1st cd out at CMJ along with a label sampler and it was straight. The Pooh cd, not the sampler which was full of nonsense.

  5. GUEVARA Says:

    album is already out on itunes. check for it. some dope shit.

  6. pudo Says:

    Check out the track “Nothing less” off of Delightful Bars


  7. Yuck! Says:

    Industry Rule #4081: When the song sucks and the beat is garbage…Do a soft porn video and hope niggas won’t notice.

  8. J. Caesar Says:

    i agree wit nate that white chick with the titties was pretty good lol and yea this song was pretty good, ‘as i come back” by busta is a very underrated busta rhymes song

  9. Poda Says:

    “Big Pooh always been an above-average MC …

    Big Pooh > Big Boi …

    not even close”



    next time they should get some cute girls for the video


    oh an maybe write a hook!

  12. lol Says:

    Is it me , or does Mos Def have the Max B’s about him?

  13. G7 Says:

    give Khrysis around three quarters of the production on this album and it’ll be guaranteed heat!

  14. Huh? U Gay 2.0 Says:

    i want a phonte album tho..but still, Pooh da man

  15. Matik! Says:

    the albums is dope, dont sleep people

  16. Rod Says:

    the comeback??????

    Motherfuker never left!!!!!!!

    Big up Big Pooh…

  17. Swagger2000 Says:

    NC STAND UP!!!!!

  18. Beyonder Says:

    Big Pooh is dope no doubt, but this track is a Yawn….weak/annoying beat loop. And yes UPSET THE SETUP, the hook couldn’t catch starving fish in an aquarium.

  19. Beyonder Says:

    O and the video looks like it was shot by PBS.

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