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PICS: Young Jeezy’s “Get Allot (Remix)” + “Don’t You Know” Video Shoots


RR put up a few pics from Jeezy’s next videos:

Here’s a flick from Young Jeezy’s new video for “Get Allot (Remix)” which features his CTE artists Boo Rossini and Roccett. Shot yesterday in Atlanta by director Gabriel Hart.

Photos: Thaddeaus McAdams from ExclusiveAccess.net & Jessica Hatter

A look from the set of Jeezy’s video for “Don’t You Know after the jump.

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3 Responses to “PICS: Young Jeezy’s “Get Allot (Remix)” + “Don’t You Know” Video Shoots”

  1. Chemical Beats Says:

    Looking forward to that video.

  2. cMac Says:

    jessica hatter!

  3. greg Says:

    rapradar needs a watermark. looks like they’re going hard trying to claim those photos

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