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Papoose – Na Na Nana Na Na Freestyle

Papoose – Na Na Nana Na Na Freestyle

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10 Responses to “Papoose – Na Na Nana Na Na Freestyle”

  1. Seth Gueko Says:


  2. BASHWON Says:

    Anybody watched Haunting In Connecticut yet? How was it?

  3. Rockabye Says:

    Reinventing a stupid money song as a banger? +1 to Papoose.

  4. A tribe called quest Says:

    *Hover mouse over papoose link*

    *Crosses arm and doesnt click*

    *Mean mugs*

  5. jersey da new new york Says:

    …sounds lyke he gettin at max b…shyt kinda tough for bein a pap track

  6. Jim Says:

    papoose? where the hell he been?

  7. Ron Says:

    Time for Pap to cut Kay Slay off. Garbage niggas making more progress than Pap in the music game. Pap got dem bars but he still where he was at 5 years ago. Time for another strategy he getting old.

  8. Tyson's Left Hook Says:

    Can somebody get this Nucc@ a new shirt already…Every press photo he’s rock’n that tired ass “9’s” bullshit!

    And get him some original production 2 spit on – PLEASE!

    And while you at it…Un-glue Kay Slay from his nut sack (if you can).

    Ahhhh, fuck it! ‘Poose is just 2 Played!

    Check a calendar ‘Poose….’05 was his moment!

  9. Ssik Says:

    he merked that, hope he releases the album sometime this year

    p.s: time 4 some new pap pictures

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