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Will Roush – Go For It All (prod. Sha Money XL)


Posted the making of yesterday, here’s the song.

Will Roush – Go For It All (prod. Sha Money XL)

Previously: Will Roush feat. DJ Skee – Too Short (prod. Just Blaze)| Will Roush feat. Stat Quo – Been A Long Time (prod. Traxmillion) | Will Roush – What I Gotta Do Dilla? (prod. J Dilla)

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14 Responses to “Will Roush – Go For It All (prod. Sha Money XL)”

  1. Beezy Says:

    We are Losers

  2. Beezy Says:

    I mean Lasers!

  3. Beezy Says:

    how are there “previously” when your linking directly to the track?

    This guy has no Nah histroy.

    sneaky sneaky.

  4. Beezy Says:

    nvm I take that back

  5. capo Says:

    This dude is sooooooo wack. The way he looks, his rhymes, the whole package is just off…He must be the son of some music industry executive or something. smh…shit makes no sense.

  6. Mic The Hand Tony Says:

    Everybody left from in front of they computers? How heterosexual of them.

  7. silas Says:

    fck at least AR flow is nice this dude is garbage but i get the trend of these producers putting a mediocre white dude on there track to try to get more of the mainstream radio money im not mad about that but damn put a white dude on there that can actually spit.

    What i am pissed about is that this dude would go anywhere neat a fcking dilla beat. Late pass maino slaps to anyone that was around this dude when he was in the studio on that.

  8. AmpGeez a.k.a. Mr. Solo Dolo Says:

    i’m never agressive, don’t have the patience to be that way… i’m very calm cool and relaxed. find common grounds, chat a bit, stick in some humour, and say “it was nice talking to you, hope i bump into you again tonight” and walk away… come back later and say, me and my boys are leaving, before i go, give me your number so we can finish our convo in a quieter place… (she hands over number) i leave… has only failed me twice
    Whatever works for you. I know in NY, the dimes are used to getting hit on. You gotta step to them with your shit together, giving instructions. I don’t ask for numbers. I “instruct” a chick to call me at a set time. You have to be assertive & let her know you’re dominant enough to handle her.

  9. Jammy Jones Says:

    we’ve already got this Asher Kid….it’s not gonna work, stop it.

  10. dream Says:

    i downloaded this song, loaded it on my itunes and the picture that pops up is sha money with some other white guy who i didnt even recognize. wtf? beat is hot, rhymes are disgracefully bad. like terrible. goodbye. oh and that shit he had on just blaze beat was downright disrespectful. what the hell is going on?????

  11. ooDoe Says:

    ya act like there can only be one white in the game at a time lol

    He does kinda suck though

  12. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: Will Roush Meets Biggie Says:

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  13. DJ BLACK Says:


  14. dubsmith Says:

    Man this cat is wack, the fucks with all his co signs

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