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Video: The Roots Remix Obama’s Speech

The Roots throw a beat under Obama’s “looks”.

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12 Responses to “Video: The Roots Remix Obama’s Speech”

  1. Ghost Writer Says:

    Just when you thought it was over

  2. b-ease Says:

    I actually caught this last nite.

    Fist time I saw Fallon. Dude needs work. I know he’s only two weeks in, but I found myself solely laughing at how clearly uncomfortable he was, not the jokes.

  3. Beezy Says:

    under Obama’s


  4. Young Tyrone Lazarus Jenkins the Fif aka YTLJ5 aka White Boy Swag, Black Boy Tags Says:

    my president is black wack (c) furious

  5. Beezy Says:

    Ayman Al-Loonahiri

  6. R.J.Orion Says:

    why you kill the Loon post ? …

    i was just gettin started …


    *smokes herbs to heal depression*

  7. A tribe called quest Says:

    @Nestle snipes (LOL@the name btw)

    Na, I said we. I had older friends back then, I was looked after by the block (no every supposed drug dealin’ rapper in the game)

    Spanish people spend more money on their the appearance of their cars then the performance.

  8. Co!!inb: Magic City's Towel Boy Says:

    is it too late to Swag Surf?

  9. A tribe called quest Says:

    Na I can’t go over 100mph or the car turns off but look how clean that system sounds woooooooo!

  10. Big Homie Says:

    Mase > Loon

  11. Co!!inb: Magic City's Towel Boy Says:

    I been arguing with these west coast niggas at my job about who had better beats [ll] : Big or Pac. West coast niggas are just fuckin delusional (sp) about this nigga. Pac MAYBE had 10 dope beats his entire career. Nigga rapped over trash and they’re trying to tell me California Love was a better beat than Hypnotized. Dickie niggas please!

  12. Mr.Londoner Says:


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