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Video: In Search Of… Asher Roth

Internets!!! That intro is priceless…

DP goes in search of the rapper known as Asher Roth. Still mostly a mystery to those on the internets and even more unknown to those with no internet at all. At an undisclosed recording studio location in NYC I almost encountered the mythical Asher Roth. I did meet Scooter Braun though so this means I am getting a lot closer to finding out who this dude Asher Roth is.

Props to Dallas.

Previously:  Who The Eff Is Asher Roth?!?

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16 Responses to “Video: In Search Of… Asher Roth”

  1. babydoll Says:

    Young dolly baaaaaaaaaaaby


    *Does Dame Dash, passOut on Cristal, Dance*

  3. The Truth... Says:

    Props to nahright, but every time there’s a post about this guy, this site loses a little bit

  4. eskay Says:

    ^do we really though? cause last time I checked, we were still winning.

  5. Jammy Jones Says:

    i love how this dude says “internetssss”

  6. nation Says:

    *checks again*


  7. Rock Says:

    no hate i swear…but CORNY with a side of CHEESE..lmaoo

  8. The Truth... Says:

    Es, I’m not hatin….that ain’t me. I’m just sayin. In my eyes, that’s kinda true…and I’m not a retard. Maybe other people just automatically co-sign everything you guys post here….
    This site is def. winning….that’s why I started my comment the way I did. But I also have to say it like I see it.

  9. Manos Says:

    the first obscurely famous eminem biter embraced by nerdy black dudes and their respective skin tone deficient bredren alike.

    god, what was that bullshit cut Rosenburg played where he did the “roxben” line (i know i mispelled it) completely biting the shit off Relapse? (i like rosenburg, he justs likes some shitty rappers…i also will sometimes tell my 5 year old nephew his paintings are nice..but my fingers are crossed behind my back….rosenburg, please tell me the fingers are crossed. a cup of DJ Premier body moisture collected by german hip hop fans awaits you if it’s so)

    he seems like a nice guy to hang with. i have a lot of nice friends who do decent impressions also but would be considered completely untalented outside of that.

    i like how the theory of “if you dislike him so much you must love him!” it’s like some of these nerds believed their 5th grade teacher when she was explaining why people were picking on them so much.

    this dude in interviews talks about growing up with dave mathews and then has the balls to discuss what’s wrong with hip hop…and then make a song where he tries to go through the old school time period. stop co signing this bullshit. this ain’t hip hop. applauding a well spoken xerox is sad. shit..Angelous would have loved this site!

  10. thekid10705 Says:

    Funny shit, Good look for the boy DP!!!

    Nahright is running this rap shit!

  11. ATL Says:

    This wack dude is so overrated. Yes he can rap, but so can a thousand other rappers. He is getting special treatment because he is white. If I brought nahright.com a black dude with the same amount of skills you would prob pass on him. This dude is average and is getting by on whiteness. Let him pay his dues like every body else.

  12. nofaze 1 Says:

    I aint coming in here to hate on roth as i frequently do. I’m over it. I mean I will always have a place in my heart for HipHop, which I would not call Roth by any stretch. I think Beck is waaaaay more HipHop than Roth so if Beck aint considered HipHop then i def don’t consider this kid.

    That said I know that nah right and those on here will look back on this time as a great period of HipHop, Shawty Lo,Asher Roth,Wale,Kid Cudi etc with Kanye being like y’alls B.I.G and shit but the same way y’all look at the culture now and push this shit is the same way I looked at and pushed back day(which really wasn’t that that long ago) I pushed Redman,Wutang,BootCamp,Tribe,BrandNubian, etc. So I ain’t hating everybody has their different tastes and all that. I just came from a era where Asher would not have been given a pass tho’ that he’s getting. I ain’t reminiscing cuz there was garbage back then too, it’s just that people ain’t have to lower the bar to make something totally underwhelming seem like the nicest shit ever.

  13. Jomoses Says:

    so a real hip hop fan cant listen to dave matthews?….

  14. elgindotcom Says:

    i wish someone would find asher roth and kill him so i dont have to hear about this culture vulture any longer.. (except for eskay proclaiming him as the greatest of all time since he is dead)

  15. dr.suess Says:

    elgindotcom sucks dick. fuck you fag….asher’s nice

  16. elgindotcom Says:

    ^ He’s mad.

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