Video: Black Milk – Live In Manchester, UK

Joey G. of writes:

Being from the Midwest (Milwaukee/Minneapolis) it’s not everyday you get to experience some real hip hop shit while traveling abroad. But last Friday night I got that chance. Black Milk torn the Mint Lounge to pieces in Manchester, with a packed crowd that wouldn’t stop giving back the energy. Elzhi was supposed to be there too, but because of flight complications, couldn’t make it. But Black made due with the circumstances. See for yourself in this video I put together of some highlights.

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4 Responses to “Video: Black Milk – Live In Manchester, UK”

  1. maq Says:

    cant believe i missed this. just moved from manchester i would have been there.

  2. Craig Says:

    I was there!! An ill show, just a shame Elzhi wasn’t there.

  3. Theo Huxtable Says:

    damn that troy was sick

  4. detta Says:

    he straight smashed it

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