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Video: Asher Roth Interview @ Bouder Theather

Mentions B.o.B.’s & Kid Cudi’s “retirements”…

“He [Cudi] was just on his blog saying the pressures of this are really wild. That shit is very-very real people, you need to understand.. the blog comments and all that…”

Asleep In The Bread Aisle – in stores 4/20.

Spotted @ illRoots.com

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11 Responses to “Video: Asher Roth Interview @ Bouder Theather”

  1. Tysonz Says:

    What blog comments? Dre loves him some ASHEr, str8 up made me listen to your acapella from 2 posts back. Im not sure why tho…

  2. Mr.Dean Says:

    Damn this dude must be getting mad ass
    With that whack ass song.

    Speaking of whack Fucking A. Jimmys album leaked and its
    Straight Garbage Damn i went in with a open mind and
    Came out wanting to blow my brains out. jimmy you suck real talk

  3. nirun Says:

    asher roth been watchin too much fresh prince with all that forced NAHMEEEEEAAAAAAN


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  5. blaah Says:


    dre you need to get the fuck off ashers dick

    Im sick of seein 5 posts a day on this froch who apparantly no one likes his shit either on here so I aint alone

    give your head a shake

  6. Joe Turksta Says:

    Spelling Fail!

  7. Mr.White Says:

    Props to Eskay & the NMC for runnin the blog game!

    Asher could be great, a lot to prove, but stop hatin’

    visit & join : http://www.bronxrap.com

    Blog, forum , social network

  8. Jammy Jones Says:




  9. greg Says:

    authenticity, intelligence, and progression in hip-hop and people are hating on this kid….REALLY? No ones tired of the “post-Puffy Shiny Suit”, black tee, couture infused, trap rap, drug kingpin, gangsta phase in hip hop. Open up your ears and get the blunt smoke out of your head haha

  10. samsohn Says:

    ASHER: “…I’m not making anything up…”
    That’s the reason he’ll be a successful white rapper. I feel like if there is a double standard here it’s not THAT clear to me. This dude CAN spit, he’s got a likable personality, and definitely seems to have a good work ethic.
    Keep Goin’ Ash!

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