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AlBe Back feat. Fabolous – Mira Mira


Shake writes:

I’ve been hinting at this record for quite some time. And now it’s time to drop it on the masses. Loso lends some bars to the latest leak off Al Be’s upcoming project with Mick Boogie, Hi.

Al Be Back feat. Fabolous – Mira Mira | Instrumental

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14 Responses to “AlBe Back feat. Fabolous – Mira Mira”

  1. Jammy Jones Says:

    L-O-S-O just in case you don’t know so……

  2. k3ifers Says:

    that beat is hot.

  3. Dingus Says:

    I thought it read “Al Be Sure feat. Fabolous” but dude in the picture doesn’t have enough of a unibrow.

  4. C Davis Says:

    This makes ATL the movie that much better. It was already a hood classic but now it’s producing music artists.

  5. Maurice Garland Says:

    dude in the pic. thats Al Be Back? Aint that the dude New York who was in the ATL movie with T.I.?

  6. Chasing Pavements Says:

    isnt that the “new york” nigga from the ATL movie? He raps?

  7. Bevy Says:

    This dude is biting a song by tweaponz…NO Originality….

  8. Bad Company Says:

    Yes its the same dude, he´s nice with it.

  9. burn city Says:

    albe’s flow is tight, fab brings it together in the end, this shit is dopeee, needs to get bumped!!!!!

  10. Super_Woman Says:

    I Like this guy’s music for some strange odd reason…..

  11. AlbeFAN! Says:


  12. WHAT!! Says:

    Bevy Says:

    March 23rd, 2009 at 10:44 am
    This dude is biting a song by tweaponz…NO Originality….

    I would like to know what T-weaponz song u think he bit off? This song is hot bang this for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. jah luv Says:

    Shit it tight w that collab from Fab at the end. this joint needs to be played on the air boyeeee

  14. HI! Says:

    Albe does so have a flow!
    4/20 his album drops
    HI get at http://www.albeback.com
    and den come bak and say if he is trash

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