Mack 10 feat. Lil’ Wayne & Jim Jones – So Sharp


Mack 10 feat. Lil’ Wayne & Jim Jones – So Sharp

Props to Mr. X.

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12 Responses to “Mack 10 feat. Lil’ Wayne & Jim Jones – So Sharp”

  1. nestle snipes Says:


  2. nestle snipes Says:


  3. sleep Says:

    This nigga still rapping. I guess when ur a high school drop out that’s all that u can do.

  4. sleep Says:

    Yo can we get a jay-z leak wtf is going on. That nigga took that live nation money and is hidding out on some private island.

  5. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    let me spaz, let me spaz
    tho they call me weezy f. you gon let me pass
    so ahead of my time with my next week-ass
    money on the dinner table like let’s eat cash
    and i do it for the killers and the hunid dolla billas
    and from now on, i don’t think you should stunt without a million
    dollars in the bank, i got money in the bank
    now throw yo’ hands in the air if yo’ pussy don’t stank
    you got a bullet and a shank, i got a bullet and a tank
    i got fur, in my boots, and the hoody on the minks
    stop sweatin me, you should follow me, i’m directin it
    other fools break it down, i be dissectin it
    eva since I made it up out of middle america
    eh”body wanna be in my genital area
    butchu better stay away from my chemical barrier
    weezy, baby, straight out the cesarean, nuckaah
    what’s it called man? oh yeah…huh?
    renaissance rap


    de talco approved. wooooooooo!

  6. A tribe called quest Says:

    C3 is dope, that and Dedication 2 are the only wayne I mess with.

    P.s. Without an bias involved, have you ever, ever in your life trully honestly met a jim jones fan? Even during ‘Ballin’. I live seconds away from harlem and the consensus is, Jimmy is trash and if you’re compared to him you’re not going to survive cause that is straight disrespect

  7. sleep Says:

    Eskay is a jim jones fan

  8. Seth Gueko Says:

    first album (third) back in da dipset’s era
    jim jones’ second (his best) and third albums (second) was cool
    because of max biggavel’s wavyness
    now NOE, and beats not wavy, dat his weakest

  9. McMoney Says:

    Who isn’t a Jones fan?!


  10. Mag Says:

    # McMoney Says:
    March 22nd, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Who isn’t a Jones fan?!


    Wasn’t Wayne talking against Gang Culture on a recent DVD?

    Call Al Sharpton****

  11. Kell-El Says:

    Ole in the Navy lookin azz……

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