Wale feat. Lady Gaga – Chillin’ (prod. Cool & Dre) (Radio Rip)


Wale feat. Lady GaGa – Chillin’ (prod. Cool & Dre) (Radio Rip)

Props to Elitaste.

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59 Responses to “Wale feat. Lady Gaga – Chillin’ (prod. Cool & Dre) (Radio Rip)”

  1. miltee Says:

    A lot of people think Wale’s real dope.. I still don’t see it. He’s arite, but he just rhymes random shit all over the place, it sounds cool but there’s little substance.

    His flow also gets tiresome after a while…

    (no hate)…

  2. Bananas the Ape Says:


    my niggas put together alittle video called “michigan” what yall think? I think it was creative

  3. miltee Says:

    oh, and, kid cudi > wale

  4. Bananas the Ape Says:

    kid cudi= solidified spot in hip hop’s new generation…he’s the only one besides Drake that’s going to the next level

  5. Bananas the Ape Says:

    mixtapes are dead LOL…RGF’s is looking hungry out here

  6. Rob Says:

    Dre, should have just put a picture of GaGa’s donk for the post

  7. frank fiasco Says:

    Cudi ain’t solidified shit with his whining ass. And despite what cats say, A Kid Named Cudi was about half trash. Day N Nite is a monster, but besides that alot of his shit is wack. Super Boo? Trashhhhh.

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  9. Minty Burns Says:

    worst track i have ever heard

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