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Video: Rhymefest Speaks On Charles Hamilton

He explains the whole situation, and seems pretty passionate about it.

Hit the jump for part 2 (for real this time).

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47 Responses to “Video: Rhymefest Speaks On Charles Hamilton”

  1. cOLD Says:

    lime nest > Rhyme fest

  2. cOLD Says:

    fine mess >

  3. Pusha TON Says:

    My team is the Goonies!!!

  4. cOLD Says:

    grarled breast >

  5. The Shooter Says:

    You fool fool
    I cant lose
    I get a dollar for every youtube view
    bitch I’m making money
    you make shoes
    far real/ tell the truth
    and i might go/cause we all know
    your name was a motherfuckin typo
    you really the “SHOE TER” aintcha
    you wanna size me up
    but you caint/ caintcha?

    caintcha? Choke you if I get the chance ta,
    If I make shoes then your role is a dancea,
    Trying not to trip and make your tutu flip,
    they can see you dance live in your youtube clip,
    who you trick? better hope your boo don’t slip,
    I’ll have my crew dick her down and have her scream oh shit,
    I can treat you like a car and put a dent in your life,
    what dollars? you never saw a cent in your life,

  6. kevfresco Says:

    yo nate whas good homie?

  7. cOLD Says:

    hello kevefresco

  8. Eastern_Digital Says:

    *hits jump*

    *doesnt find part 2*


  9. kevfresco Says:


    why cold?

  10. nation Says:

    Please tell me there’s a part two after that jump… I can’t see from my phone

  11. kevfresco Says:

    yo nate! free kevfrescura de talco

  12. kevfresco Says:

    oh this dudes on his jack….n/m.

  13. nation Says:

    >> Please tell me there’s a part two after that jump… I can’t see from my phone

    part 2 added.

  14. Johnathan Osterman Says:

    I you really peep what Rhymefest is actually saying, he’s pretty much ethering Charles Hamilton’s life right now

    No shots @ Ty

  15. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    why this old thread tho nate?

  16. Seth Gueko Says:

    Blue Collar >

  17. Seth Gueko Says:

    need that battle footage !

  18. Geronimo P aka Chase Says:

    so this Jim Jones Frienemies song is supposed to be his ace in the hole? or is this his pawn move?

    This shit is wack.

    I can’t wait for Killa to dig a hole and bury this cocksucker

  19. D. Billz Says:

    Smh. Wait until Simon gets home to his laptop.

    You’re in big trouble Mister (c) Anorexic twins

  20. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    ‘fest is uuuupset! that nigga chuck a lil too gassed and smellin himself kinda wyl tho. i bet he gets yung berg’d this year.

  21. Co!!inb: Magic City's Towel Boy Says:

    I need some new Dro music…..Clean Wit It is the shit right now.

  22. bc-tw Says:

    This is some straight up gay/homoerotic madness that makes Rhymefest look like Charles Hamilton’s scorned lover.

  23. cMac Says:


  24. b-ease Says:

    I have no idea what the fuck Rhymefest is talking about.

  25. Co!!inb: Magic City's Towel Boy Says:

    Fest wants Hamilton to catch his fade (ambiguous innuendo intended)

  26. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Rhymefest isn’t bad..

  27. D. Billz Says:

    Damn, Fest only 1 year older than me? That’s an old lookin’ ass nigga. But he did make some very valid points though. You see how Serius Jones had to verbally Maino that nigga in front of everyone.

    I can tell because of his pre-pubescent persona and character that he likes to play the victim role when facing confrontation. In all actuality, dude is a grown ass man. But he’s that “grown ass youngan” type. His “hoodness” is limited just being in the Two-Twelve district. But other than that, epic fail.

    Lupe > Charles

  28. Ja Says:

    damn rhymefest is upset…i understand what he’s saying

    i still like charles’ music more than his tho



  30. D. Billz Says:

    I’m not a ‘Fest fan, but I can definitely overstand his disdain for the way Charles be actin’. He stay wantin’ to “battle” and has gotten verbally bodied 3 times already (one by a fan), and publicly humiliated by Souljah Boy. This cornball’s time is gonna get cut short if he keeps this up.

  31. cOLD Says:

    Rhymefest isn’t bad..

    ^ pause.

  32. Da Says:

    hahaaa, i love it. love the passion. Rhymefest is right! not enough humble people trying to come up.

  33. D_Block_4_Life Says:


  34. Seth Gueko Says:

    rhymefest greatest one-ghost-hit-wonder
    rhymefest top ten ghostwritter of all times
    blue collar’s underrated, el che is coming

  35. D. Billz Says:

    *rant ensues*

    And I also cosign Fest’s analogy of our lack of appreciation for our own culture and music. The disrespect is deeper than rap (you already know, lol) and is rooted in our own community, i.e. young Black boys disrespecting the OG’s. If I can’t appreciate Maino for nothin’ else, his goon hand is appreciated and needed in these days of hiphopery.

  36. tre Says:

    fuck both of them lol whats the name of that girl ??

  37. par-citizen Says:

    Blue Collar still gets played in my ipod…i thought it was a dope album. Can’t listen to too much CH w/out my head exploding. anyway, i tend to agree, Charles needs to learn some humility if that’s how the story went down. He seems to think that people give a damn that his name is “charles hamilton.” okay we get it you’re a rapper…and a semi-decent one at that imho.

    lmao at “he got the andy milonakis disease.”

  38. son Says:

    i never knew rymefest was homo

  39. elgindotcom Says:

    i never even heard anything charles hamilton ever made just because of his corny fashion sense.. so i dont have any thing to say regarding who’s a better MC but I do know Rhymefest is dope and he was on point with youngin’s having no respect for pioneers in the game.

  40. BH Says:

    Rhymefest got the illest lisp I ever heard — Charles is the future – old ass rappers need to give it up – Rhymefest didn’t make it yet – he’s never going to – stick to battlin and correcting that lisp homie – fuck outta here

  41. chronwell Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!! Fest need to whoop this dude ass.

  42. merrbury Says:

    this just confirms how much of a bitch charles hamilton is. stop wearing sonic the hedgehog t-shirts

  43. sb Says:

    only problem i have with this cat is his choice of foul words about eminem like 2-3 years ago. i think he battled Em back in the 90’s

  44. steve Says:

    i like rhymefest, i think he’s been making a lot of dope tracks lately. but, him talking on here reminds me of an old angry grandfather. I understand his point, he’s way too serious, though. It’s not that big a deal. charles hamilton is ok at best, he’s not doing anything, you’re not doing too much either.

  45. ThatGuy Says:

    If this nigga dont shut his weak ass up…

  46. PaigeCameron Says:

    He needa stop fuckin cryin about this bullshit. Charles is so talented. ‘Fest is too I suppose; I really only heard like 3 songs off of Blue Collar. I woulda respected ‘Fest more if he just made his own lil’ YouTube video and shut. But dude got himself interviewed and is WAY too serious. Calm down. If he really thinks that he’s above all this bullshit, why don’t he act like it?

  47. Stratford Lex Says:

    Damnnn, Fest took it to the titty, get over it u ole ass nigga

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