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Video: Officer Rawse: “Yeah That Picture Was Rick Ross”

Lieutenant Ross speaks to Big Boy & em about the beef with BooBoo. Of course he’s speaking like he won taking it in stride, because he’s Bawse.

After the jump, Big Boy wastes no time to jump into the C.O. questions. Angie can’t get a real interview from you but now that a television channel offers to stuff your tight little jean pockets with money you’re ready to speak about it? Or that a magazine is giving you the cover, you’ll talk to them? You had to wait for a release date to save yourself… but that wasn’t possible after The Smoking Gun’s exposé… Nah right? I’ll laugh when XXL comes out with Curtis on the cover talking about Tia & Brooke and the other dirt he has on you.

Edit: My bad, comments are now open.

“Football was my passion

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50 Responses to “Video: Officer Rawse: “Yeah That Picture Was Rick Ross””

  1. D_Block_4_Life Says:


  2. cMac Says:

    answer the question ricky


    Damn You nate!

  4. cMac Says:

    The whole time Im thinking that ricky ross is going to jump the table and klobber BigBoi



    *daps cMac*

  6. lol Says:

    he lawse

  7. Co!!inb: Magic City's Towel Boy Says:

    this nigga nate said “woops”


    Applaud My dude (pause)… cMacN workin with some PRIME pussy Now, GATTT!

  9. cMac Says:

    ross is annoying

  10. cMac Says:

    *Daps Crazy88*


    cMac Says:

    March 20th, 2009 at 10:05 am
    *Daps Crazy88*

    OooooWe! Dude…i see u! the broads is lookin RIGHT!

  12. king blair Says:

    ” I know Noriega the real Noriega”–Hustling
    I guess you do know him you worked his cell block let the world know how he likes his apple sauce Bawse

  13. Yooj‽ Says:

    Ross playin him self tremendously….

    im mad his music’s been the only thing keepin heads from drownin this clown…

  14. CAKEZ Says:

    WOMP WOMP…is all i gotta say about this post.

  15. the_kurupter Says:


  16. cMac Says:

    thisis50.com >>>>>> Rick Ross

  17. C. Trilla Says:

    Occifer Rosses shit is still on point to me, Deeper Than Rap is Fiyah. He definitely gets $10 in dount money from me. I know niggas is gonna say the same shit but he was a C.O….thats cool in all but dawg grow the fuck up and buy some property or somethin….Bawssseeee!!!!

  18. Hip-Hop Says:

    I’m affraid Ross is gonna outsell 50..I hop Fif destroys he’s ignorant ass. Like some of his music, but that faker has to go..

  19. Co!!inb: Magic City's Towel Boy Says:

    cMac what you got in the office with you fam…..no bullshit i don’t think anyone works with more bangin joints in their office, per capita, than me. i’d put an office lunch on it.

  20. nation Says:

    don’t taze me bro

  21. cMac Says:

    real talk man… I be on “Thievery Corporation” and “Sade” when I be sittin up there, and just zone the fuck out. I try to avoid any music that will cause me to do the harlem shake, shimmy, or bob my head… seen?

  22. Seth Gueko Says:

    thisis50.com >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 50 Cent

    Rick Ross’ Deeper Than Rap
    W i l l
    Shut Ya BloodClouth Fiddy Mouth

  23. cMac Says:

    …..dave chappelle said that black folks should be able to #1 Dance at work and #2 take a nap after lunch.

    It should just be understood…but it ain’t

  24. Seth Gueko Says:

    Mafia Music 2 Push Em’ Over !

  25. cMac Says:

    Seth Gueko Says:
    March 20th, 2009 at 10:23 am
    thisis50.com >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 50 Cent

    Rick Ross’ Deeper Than Rap
    W i l l
    Shut Ya BloodClouth Fiddy Mouth

    Rick Ross had an album release party… I went to it.
    To sum up the whole event…
    I want my $10 back that I paid the valet.

  26. cMac Says:


  27. Prince Says:

    *daps all*

  28. Ones Says:

    This a$$hole cant ever give a str8 answer!

  29. Boss Says:


  30. jrock Says:

    what classic record & lps has this fool made???????????????????BB & hot 97 losted all respect having this grown made on? rap is fallen hard people!!!!!

  31. Cinsere Says:

    LOL @ his bootleg MCM jacket! What a bum!

  32. Illersz1 Says:

    did he big up supreme !? wow …

  33. billy peru Says:

    minnesota north stars != dallas north stars

  34. Fr3ddy P. Says:

    Rick Ross made valid points, I dont understand how homeboy lost. It all makes sense to me….

  35. militant Says:

    rick ross is a sucker he not a raper he a actor boss

  36. Omar Ibn Says:

    Fr3ddy P, don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Ross has that Khaled syndrome where he speaks falsehoods into existence. I don’t believe his life is so sinister. I don’t believe he was a drug lord. Money wise, that would be a step down. If you think he could be so connected to this “underground”, but can’t keep his shorties in check….I got a boat to sell you.

    THis guy needs to submit proof for whatever he says.

  37. Bacardi Ru Says:

    This Ross dude is such a liar, he said 50’s people said 50 wanna chill, yeeeaahh riiight… Fucking mentiroso!

  38. kintell Says:

    every word that comes out his mouth is a damn joke.why do people still let him come up on their show?angie martinez is the only person with some balls that told duke to hit the fuckin’ road.

  39. Ty Says:

    “The game is to be sold, not told”. (c) Snoop Dizzle

  40. DocKev Says:

    why r u such a fuckin rawse hater fuck 50 look at all the dumb as shit his soft ass has done
    fuck that

  41. boondock Says:

    what happened to the excuse about 50 not giving you the time of day backstage at some award show????

    50 got at fatty joesph since “Piggy Bank”…where were you?? Still slipping and sliding on d&^% being a CO..

  42. Ron Says:

    Yo fam, this interview was disgusting. This nigga could make a lie detected blow up. I honestly think he really believes this shit at this point.

  43. I heart Rawse...no Says:

    50 came up in this rap game with respect. Rawse learned the streets from being a C.O..Nuff said. 50–>–Fat C.O.

  44. Broad Street Bastid Says:

    Ty Says:

    March 20th, 2009 at 12:20 pm
    “The game is to be sold, not told”. (c) Snoop Dizzle


    All I can say after that is Chuuuch! Did yall not read Pimpin Ken’s Book?? If his career is about to be ended he should at least get paid on his farewell media run correct? Fuck it he was correction officer, yall had some old nutty jobs back in the day too!

  45. nameless Says:

    Yo first and foremost!

    CONGRADULATIONS to my nigga Big Boy!!!

    Im givin props where props is due. This is a rough game, and out of all forms of publication that tried to get Ross to cough it up, Bigs got him!

    CONGRATS to Big Boy, this nigga has been puttin in work for years. He’s been doin it with positive humor, positive energy and the shit works. He’s highly underrated in this game, and big ups to the nigga.

  46. jfoxgotraps Says:

    ricky just go away. cancel the album and go back to police school.

  47. lea Says:

    if he was living so “lavishly” at 17. why even bother rapping and risking being exposed!! he is HILARIOUS!!! “obvious reasons” he KILLS me. so now he is finally listening to the excuse that errbody gave him from the beginning….that he used the C.O to be a dope boy. so what will his excuse be if Miami-Dade decides to open an investigation? he will say what “its deeper than rap” Bawse!!! hes FUNNY!!!!

  48. Dat Nigga Clemons Says:

    aabbcc Says:

    March 20th, 2009 at 4:15 pm
    rawse and fiddy are both douchebags.


  49. cestert Says:

    Nah Eskay he just didnt have his LIES i mean story straight so he couldnt go on angie and tell the truth.Thats not what a FRAUD does

  50. alonzo Says:

    fuck all 50 dick suckers! spredin hate like you do AIDS, fuck you!

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