Video: NewMusicCartel On MTV News

Listen to the NMC tag in the video

via MTV News:

Now, on a new song that leaked to the Web on Friday afternoon (March 20), Wayne is taking another stab at 50. This time the lyrical dig is more blatant than the one on “Louisianimal.”

The song in question is called “Let’s Talk Money,” by the late Pimp C and featuring Lil Wayne and a sampled T-Pain chorus. A few bars into his verse following Pimp’s, Wayne speaks about advice he got from the controversially outspoken half of UGK, who passed away in 2007. “That n—a Pimp called me before he left this b—h/ Told me keep doin’ ya thing and don’t tell 50 sh–.”

(While UGK’s final album, 4 Life, is slated for release at the end of this month, “Let’s Talk Money” is billed as a solo Pimp C track.)

Actually we leaked it last night, but still.

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7 Responses to “Video: NewMusicCartel On MTV News”

  1. jonrud00 Says:

    Where’s the diss


    *waits for random Clipse punchline from Pusha TON*

  3. M.Tyson Says:

    wayne seem like the type to slap you like a little girl and hide….and when your not looking he does it agian…that or he just checking temperature of the water to see if he really wants to go at that munkee

  4. alonzo Says:

    where is the diss in there?

    50 cock suckers blowin up er’thin!

  5. NFLTrackSTAR Says:

    I’m betting that if shit gets serious behind this, Wayne offers an explanation that ‘don’t tell 50 shit’ meant ‘5.0’ and he was talking about not snitching to the police.

  6. Opus Dei Says:

    lol there was only one tag

  7. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Pimp C feat. Lil Wayne - Let’s Talk Money (No Tags) Says:

    […] I think we proved our point. […]

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