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Get Loud! v.1 (Mixtape)


Mixed & hosted by Mr Peter Parker & DJ Warrior; Get Loud! Volume 1 features music from the likes of Bishop Lamont, Termanology, Skyzoo, Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz, Emilio Rojas, Rain, P.O.S., Torae, J the S, Grafh and more.

Tracklist & download after the jump.


Get Loud! v.1 (Mixtape)

Shouts to Mr. X for fixing the link.

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29 Responses to “Get Loud! v.1 (Mixtape)”

  1. yaboy Says:


  2. hecktic Says:

    I work at b96 with Pete Parker and there is nice majority of people in the Twin Cities who dont know he is White; including my mother.

  3. sound verite' Says:


  4. kadzu Says:

    im really excited about this because muja messiahs my favorite rapper!

  5. ParkerLewisCantLoose! Says:

    “It’s all right, I’m all white” lol, Mr. TV keep your bootleg Jordan collegtion off these blogs!

  6. hecktic Says:


  7. The Real DJ Peter Parker Says:

    Wow yo this Mr Peter Parker needs to do a history lesson. I’ve been reppin this shit since 1986. I think a name change is in order. Do the knowledge.

  8. Jamal Says:

    The difference is, Nobody heard of you!!!!!! He’s actually getting posted on the blogs . . . you’re commenting.

  9. tim from san francisco Says:

    the real dj peter parker has been dropping the hottest mixtapes since the late 80s. he is from queens new york. he ran with boot camp and heltah skeltah and bucktown usa. he had a radio show called rhyme tyme for over 5 years. ask drag on, ask chuck chillout, ask sean price, ask grafh, ask scram jones, ask u god or masta killa….the real peter parker put in work for years. who is this weak ass dj trying to steal the name. if you know real hip hop then you would know the real peter parker.

  10. Dom Says:

    ahahahah Jamal my nigga quote of da day!!!!

    “He actually gettin posted on the blogs, you commentin”

  11. Hip Hop Fanatic Says:

    Hey Tim I’m with you. I guess http://rhymetyme.podomatic.com/ doesn’t count for anything. DJ Peter Parker’s the man I still bump that Mobb Deep mixtape he did “Mobb Ties”

  12. bk all day Says:

    this must be a joke. peter parker has been doing it. this get loud clown needs to respekonize the history. you cant just take a name like that. you should be real careful with that. the real peter parker rolls with real gangsters not this twin city internet mixtape circuit. that makes me laugh.

  13. Wenzel Dashington Says:

    Yes!! This is the truth people. I enjoyed it all. This tape was enormous.

  14. Wenzel Dashington Says:

    It seems like the kid need to change his name.

  15. Listen up Says:

    Pretty much all in all this dude don’t know shit if it was for DJ peter parker and other related DJ’s i wouldn’t of been put on to half of the shit i have heard….MR needs to step down already

  16. seriously Says:

    that Mobb Ties Mixtape that the REAL Dj Peter Parker put out is a fucking classic. there is Mobb Deep stuff on there I have never heard anywhere else, plus all the BCC stuff he did is crazy too. go listen to the podcasts….

  17. DJ XCELL Says:

    who is this mr. peter parker? he’s a fake. the real dj peter parker has been holdin it down for years. this is horrible.

  18. Spiderman Says:

    I was born with this name, had it for about 50 years, please get your own.

  19. The Genuine Peter 'Bamford' Parker Says:

    Hi guys – I’m confounded by all of this Peter Parker talk. I’m another one, but I was probably the first. Think about it.

    I was given the name ‘Peter’ by my cousin, thanks to my moms, and then I used to DJ severely up on 152nd back in the ’80s. I like how the name has spread down through the ages.

    Check Ron G’s first mixtape, ‘Horatio Milkshake’, and listen to the bit where he cuts in ‘Black Grass’ with Stevie Wonder: that’s me smashing the glasses with the cutlery in the background.

    Peace to ALL Peter Parkers, including the two guys I met in Bed-Stuy last winter. One. Two.

  20. Born Fiore Says:

    Now as far as the Mix tape goes I would say that Mr. Originator of the Monkey Face, is giving away a Freight full of Bananas.

    Yo Straight up, I dont care who the hell is named after who. Yo Keep it true Good Fella, remember fellas what this is HiP HoP. I guess you all really need to figure once more why HiP HoP began in the first place; after all even if his name is yours, you are now getting more attention that you may or may not deserve, no one can be everywhere at once!

  21. tim from san francisco Says:

    there are not 2 peter parkers in bed stuy. dj peter parker was the dj for bucktown usa and for heltah skeltah back in the late 90s. both those groups have major family in bed stuy so peter parker reps that but the real peter parker is from queens.

    and fuck that – there is only 1 peter parker anyone else is a fucking 2 bit joke.

    big up to rhyme tyme radio. big up to the mixtapes. big up to queens. fuck the rest!

  22. The Genuine Peter 'Bamford' Parker Says:

    > there are not 2 peter parkers in bed stuy.

    There are. One works over at Hamilton’s Beagle Bagel shop near the bridge and the other dude works with Herc, Bam and Waxmaster Florence at the ‘Let ‘Em Get Some’ community project near that pet shop on Cheltenham and Gloucester.

    > and fuck that – there is only 1 peter parker anyone else is a fucking 2 bit joke

    Clearly wrong. It looks to me that there are several Peter Parkers out there and they definitely are NOT joking. The opposite in fact. These are steady mobbin’ kids. Maybe you could wash their cars one day.

    Big up the original and REAL Peter Parker, who was rolling with Ron G. I have no idea why some late ’90s cat would even be trying to claim that name! It’s like gentle summer rain in a food blender: it makes no sense.

  23. Barries Wonders Says:

    Ayo Timmy, stay down and play in the playground you little girl
    Warm greetings,
    Barries Wonders

  24. hiphopfanatic Says:

    I think The Real DJ Peter Parker and this Mr Peter Parker clown should battle for the name live on Mr Parker’s radio show.

  25. tim from san francisco Says:

    wait a second. some unknown dj steals peter parkers name. then he puts out a mixtape and the biggest picture on the cover is of himself. he names it how hard do you hustle. and im the little girl?!?!

    if you wanna rep that fake ass mixtape dj be my guest.

    come to san fran, come to oakland, come to dc, come to ny….see if they dont know me. im no gangster but trust i got family thats deep.

  26. Tony Bahamas Says:

    Ayo, this mix is mad hot yo..I stay feelin this shit, word up.
    Big up to all da Peta Parkers of hip hop, word em up.

  27. Devon Giles Says:

    “some unknown dj steals peter parkers name”

    He’s not unknown though! That’s Peter Parker! Get it?

    “if you know real hip hop then you would know the real peter parker.”

    I do – and his name is Peter Parker.

    “come to san fran, come to oakland, come to dc, come to ny….see if they dont know me.”

    Thanks for the invite, son! I’ll bring six more Peter Parkers with me and we can have a ‘Peter Parker’s Public Picnic’ together on the beach.

    – packs swimshorts, a xylophone and a bag of wheated miskits for the journey –

  28. Hip Hop Fanatic Says:

    Unfortunately there is an ongoing trend that is slowly but surely contributing to the demise of hip hop in a whole. I’m talking about “unoriginality”. Personally, I find it disgraceful to hear that someone is knowingly using someone else’s name. There is no excuse that can justify taking someone’s name for your own. We all know the shelf life for things like samples and beats is already very short. This is evident in rehashing of the same material over and over. Now I see a similar pattern with DJ and MC names. Is there any pride left in hip hop?

  29. tim from san francisco Says:

    fuckin re-peter parker…..fake ass weak shit….

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