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Fes Taylor – Ocean Drive


The first single off Inspectah Deck Presents Fes Taylor – Flight 10304 (T-2 Fly) dropping April 7th.

Fes Taylor – Ocean Drive (Produced by Falling Down)

Fes will also be on tour with Inspectah Deck & Mickey Factz.

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18 Responses to “Fes Taylor – Ocean Drive”

  1. green eyes Says:

    where are all thee people coming from?

  2. rex hussla Says:

    Fes will also be on tour with Inspectah Deck & Mickey Factz

    If they come to SD I’ll roll to the show…I’ll figure out a way to give Mickey the Nah treatment [ll]

  3. cOLD Says:

    sorta Dipset-ish Jim jones Cam mash-up

  4. cOLD Says:

    *listened on the strength of the Inspector deck association*

  5. cOLD Says:

    Otis Spunkmeyer cookies >>>


    Ocean Drive…. Applaud greeny.

  7. green eyes Says:

    i want a nap

  8. nestle snipes Says:

    play it tight

  9. cOLD Says:

    i want a nap

    ^*sees ally-hoop*

    *doesnt take shot*

  10. Whats Really Good? Says:

    did they really have to use that corny ass house sample….Best of luck fes

  11. jaffe jo ho Says:

    eh i kinda like it

  12. DUKES Says:

    The typography on this cover fucking sucks. Get your kerning right.

  13. P. The Rebel Says:

    I think this track is fire. Dude’s been putting work in and it’s usually been more streets than that, but that song is major. P.

  14. myspace.com/getmoney240 Says:

    For the radio I can dig it but homie got that hard shit 2 but this is what we need for the spring flight 10304 april 7th

  15. Stanley Wutangison Says:


  16. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Fes Taylor - Broken Wings Says:

    […] Previously: Fes Taylor – Ocean Drive […]

  17. Mr. Chernak Says:

    All yall haters problably like little wayne and auto tune drenched Rap. Hip Hop needs somebody to bring it back. Fes is one of the dudes that has the whole package. Hard working always putting out work, does’nt follow all the other rappers trends and he makes global music. Check out the album. I brought it and NEVER EVER is one of my favorite joints. THROUGH IT ALL is fire Im sure if yall heard those two yall would be fans too. Fes keep doing what yall do.

  18. bloodlinefresh Says:

    If yall know whats good for yall….you would support true hip-hop and stop listening to that bull they play on the radio!

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