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Phil The Agony ft. Mitchy Slick & Chace Infinite – Think Green (RMX)


Phil The Agony (of Strong Arm Steady) is dropping an eco-friendly solo album entitled Think Green this spring, which features guest appearances from Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Planet Asia, Chace Infinite and more. A “footprint-free” digital EP version of the release will be available on Earth Day (April 22nd) to be followed by the physical release in stores May 5th. Here’s the first new leak from the project – the “Think Green” remix featuring Mitchy Slick and Chace Infinite. The original version features Kweli and should will be included on the album as well.The album tracklist is also included below, along with a bit more info on the environemntally conscious aspects of the album (dude’s gonna plant a tree for every album sold!).

Phil The Agony ft. Mitchy Slick & Chace Infinite – Think Green (RMX)

Hit the jump for Think Green‘s track list + album info.

1. Green Skit 1
2. Intro
3. What It Is feat. Blaq Toven
4. Nothing Can Stop Us feat. Planet Asia & Krondon
5. Hunters feat. Krondon & Talib Kweli
6. Thousand Dollar Omelettes feat. Planet Asia & Krondon
7. Green Skit 2
8. Think Green feat. Talib Kweli
9. Time feat. Planet Asia & Krondon
10. Stick Together feat. Blaq Toven
11. Green Skit 3
12. Black History feat. Planet Asia & Chace Infinite
13. Everyday feat. Big Twin & Jean Grae
14. Turkey Bacon feat. Chace Infinite
15. Think Green (Remix) feat. Mitchy Slick & Chace Infinite

With Think Green, Agony takes a different approach in his mission, not only to fans of hip-hop, but also to eco-minded individuals. On the album titled track Think Green Phil wastes no time in explaining why it’s important to think of our surroundings as he states “ I print my album on recycled paper so you ain’t gotta cut the rainforest, for me to sing the chorus… ” The Economy rides with the environment as the emcee creates, in his words, an “environmentally conscious hip-hop album” for 2009. Think Green’s commercial packing holds true to Phil’s vision, with a minimalist 100% recycled, eco-friendly CD sleeve. Phil has even partnered up with the National Global Releaf Program to have a tree planted for every copy of Think Green that is purchased.

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10 Responses to “Phil The Agony ft. Mitchy Slick & Chace Infinite – Think Green (RMX)”

  1. green eyes Says:

    this mtherfucker got a song called turkey bacon???

  2. SDP Says:

    yo nation since big brother gone i expect to see weezy posts triple

  3. SDP Says:

    it ain’t my birthday but i got my name on the cake

    stuntin like my daddy

  4. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    dude will kinda nice cant even front yo.

  5. Big_seth Says:

    # green eyes Says:
    March 19th, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    this mtherfucker got a song called turkey bacon???


  6. kodjo Says:

    Ten Typ Mes is the new wave g-funk in poland currently

  7. kodjo Says:

    working hard on nahright, nation, but you lack personal comments

  8. The Shooter Says:

    Like I said before nigga yous a fool
    nigga you sell shoes
    and my SOLE purpose is make you lose
    make you slip
    like my boo would have to do
    if she fell for you
    heres a shell for you
    you type gay/you might be type gay
    imma get Juelz for you
    dont let ya homo mind get you all choked up
    I mean the rapper, not a ring or a choker
    the shoe-ters really a joker

    See highheel thomas wanna die soon,
    cry soon, I’ma make him fly soon,
    with wings on you gon meet God soon,
    don’t worry be cool you’ll be out the fog soon,
    how soon? real soon you ain’t gotta wait soon,
    you’ll be at your new home and you’ll be straight soon,
    but soon after you’ll realize you’re dead,
    but you probably never noticed cause I sniped your head, (poz)
    you dealing with a killer but I ain’t no Cam,
    I’ll make your set dip when that clip go BAM,

  9. the_kurupter Says:

    no reference for article?…. is it from dubcnn.com?

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