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Lil Cease & Cardan – Ten Crack Commandments (No DJ)

Lil Cease & Cardan – Ten Crack Commandments (Prod. by Cookin Soul) (No DJ)

Full tape here.

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3 Responses to “Lil Cease & Cardan – Ten Crack Commandments (No DJ)”

  1. The Shooter Says:

    Didn’t this drop already? Like months ago? Or was that something else?

  2. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    *sighs* free kevfrescura de talco yo.

  3. The Shooter Says:

    Like I said before nigga yous a fool
    nigga you sell shoes
    and my SOLE purpose is make you lose
    make you slip
    like my boo would have to do
    if she fell for you
    heres a shell for you
    you type gay/you might be type gay
    imma get Juelz for you
    dont let ya homo mind get you all choked up
    I mean the rapper, not a ring or a choker
    the shoe-ters really a joker

    See highheel thomas wanna die soon,
    cry soon, I’ma make him fly soon,
    with wings on you gon meet God soon,
    don’t worry be cool you’ll be out the fog soon,
    how soon? real soon you ain’t gotta wait soon,
    you’ll be at your new home and you’ll be straight soon,
    but soon after you’ll realize you’re dead,
    but you probably never noticed cause I sniped your head, (poz)
    you dealing with a killer but I ain’t no Cam,
    I’ll make your set dip when that clip go BAM,

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