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Bullet feat. Donny Goines – Fortune Teller


Pause. Although being in behind a bullet > the other option.

Bullet feat. Donny Goines – Fortune Teller

Check out Bullet on Twitter. Donny Goines too. Props to Andrew.

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13 Responses to “Bullet feat. Donny Goines – Fortune Teller”

  1. AJ Says:

    dubstep>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>hip hop

  2. Mic The Hand Tony Says:

    See highheel thomas wanna die soon,
    cry soon, I’ma make him fly soon,
    with wings on you gon meet God soon,
    don’t worry be cool you’ll be out the fog soon,
    how soon? real soon you ain’t gotta wait soon,
    you’ll be at your new home and you’ll be straight soon,
    but soon after you’ll realize you’re dead,
    but you probably never noticed cause I sniped your head, (poz)
    you dealing with a killer but I ain’t no Cam,
    I’ll make your set dip when that clip go BAM,

    nigga I seen you chasin me
    faggot nigga scoping my joint
    yea he casing me
    I gotta a hollow point
    straight up erase him B
    shooter give it up
    you’d have a better chance
    survivin if you HIV’d it up
    stop respondin
    im on twitter right nah
    me and ya moms is bonding.

  3. JDS Says:

    i really don’t understand his little saying at the bottom of the picture there

    unless he’s saying it like an ultimatum, but it isn’t an ultimatum

    *is confused*

  4. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    free de talco.

  5. Mic The Hand Tony Says:

    collectin coins > donnie goines

  6. Skrong Taper: The Line-Up Prince Says:

    You ol’ Ice Cube/Rashad Evans/Gorilla Zoe hybrid lookin ass nigga.

  7. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    ” either get behind me…or get behind me”

    I mean really? twice?

  8. Danielson Says:

    lol at freekey zeekey speeling ‘Reign’ as R-E-I-G-H-N

    fucking retard.

    which also begs the question, why hasnt pray iv reign leaked yet, cot damn.

  9. Danielson Says:


    (yes i recognise the irony)

  10. trav dave Says:

    dope shout out to my homey bullet and the homey donny! good music fellas…track is hot!!!
    dope shit

  11. For the slow people Says:

    Yall niggas slow, this is what he means…

    “Either get behind me” = Either you will Support me

    “Or get behind me” = Or Get left behind as I move forward

  12. billy peru Says:

    i was thinking more along the lines of…

    “Either get behind me” = Support me

    “Or get behind me” = or get behind the bullet, ie gun pointed in your face.

    either way shit sounds ridiculously ayoish.

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