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Video: B.o.B. Plans His Trip to SXSW

Bobby Ray, B.Rich and them plan for their trip to SXSW this week. Of course, you can catch Bob headlining the Nah Right x TSS “Grand Ole Party Of Bootleggers & Tastemakers”on Friday night. I’ll be in the building, most of the Smoking Section crew will be in the building, and some of your favorite emerging artists will be onstage. Hope to see you there.

Previously: B.o.B. – Ghost In A Machine + Mr. Bobby

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3 Responses to “Video: B.o.B. Plans His Trip to SXSW”

  1. g7 Says:

    bob rae > bobby ray

  2. Big Homie Says:

    OG Bobby Johnson >

    Mr. Bobby joint is hot tho

  3. A tribe called quest Says:


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