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Maino – Swag Surfin’ Freestyle


Maino – Swag Surfin’ Freestyle

Maino jumps on the next big record out of ATL: F.L.Y.’s Swag Surfin’

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7 Responses to “Maino – Swag Surfin’ Freestyle”

  1. LEAPHEART Says:


  2. A tribe called quest Says:

    I remember when leonel came to america to ask bush for aid, but instead got the UN treatment. That was some sad shit, worst part was Univision and telemundo ran with that story for like half an hour like if something was accomplished.

  3. M.Tyson Says:

    RE 5 is racist like mafucka….something is wrong with you if you enjoyed that game


    Dominicans be acting like Haitians aint their geographical and cultural brothers … wtf part of the brainwash game is that ?… they had Willie Lynch on Hispaniola, too ?

    lmao fucking Land

  5. david blackham Says:

    fuck is swag surfin’?

  6. G-Roc Says:

    Maino went in. Beat is hella dope.

  7. Judo Says:

    FAIL… quit making songs about swagger… outro

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