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Wale feat. Curren$y & Tre of UCB – Word Play


Spotted by Shake via WaveClub:

Also featuring Tre from UCB. Here’s another leak off of Wale’s Back to the Feature with 9th Wonder and L-R-G, due out April 29th. The album, Attention Deficit is coming this summer. By the way, Wale now has a blog with Hypebeast.

Wale feat. Curren$y & Tre of UCB – Word Play

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29 Responses to “Wale feat. Curren$y & Tre of UCB – Word Play”

  1. Pusha TON Says:

    Death can be your destiny child, just say my name

  2. Legend Says:

    lmao at him leaking the shit with an open verse

  3. durant Says:


    ^ co sizzlee
    makes french montana & max b unlistenable (sic) on they own material …

    fcuk you tellin sig
    when i kick in the door wavin that four four
    broad street bully hard like wood floors
    i’m harder than the yard up the ford
    bang hard like d howard on the boards
    look weak azz niggas can’t afford
    to fcuk wit this nigga, heart colder than a whore’s

  4. random thought Says:

    Where is Wales left leg, and why is 9th Standing behind him like that? AYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Hope the music is better than the artwork.

  5. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Cut From A Different Cloth >>

  6. Troyvul Says:


  7. anons Says:

    means of publicly emasculating the black male image
    tracy morgan said the same thing on 30 roc


    word. I think Tracy got next, that nigga is hilarious…but he still dressed in drag tho.

    Chappelle never did. Chappelle is a social commentator and thats why he’s the GOAT of this generation. His last standup was brilliant and went over ppl’s heads…

    niggas wanted that midget pimp to yell and curse at them for 2 hrs. instead, smh.

  8. anons Says:

    anyone else notice how close those two are standing in the cover art? (16-16)

  9. Dingus Says:

    I had to listen to the song twice just to make sure spitta murked Wale. Good song though.

  10. spanish jay Says:

    the fact that i had two of my fish die this week is gay

  11. Pusha TON Says:

    Beans > The majority of the game right now

  12. spanish jay Says:

    lets hope the dirt angel does have any info on beanie cause god knows he will dry snitch on him too

  13. Seth Gueko Says:

    zshare.net/audio/56232351b9d983c1/ ray j – sexy ladies

  14. Pusha TON Says:

    Catch me at the 40/40, with my 40 on me

  15. A tribe called quest Says:

    gayest cover

    Dominican women are delusional.

    –Fucking cosign

  16. Lurk Diggler aka Downtown Sugar Dunkerton aka Nanyanen Says:

    Beans is a good artist but overrated as hell. you cant become GOAT by association.

    *dons knight armor*

  17. spanish jay Says:

    at least dominican woman dont go black girl crazy

  18. Johnathan Osterman Says:

    Wayne & Drake need an album together ASAP

  19. Seth Gueko Says:

    Wale, BoB, Lupe Fiasco
    Mikkey Halsted, Mickey Factz
    Cool Kids, Kidz in the hall
    new generation is really not bad.
    oh damn Jay Electronica of course !

  20. Dre Says:

    Yall never seen the BTTF2 poster before?


  21. Reg Says:

    uhhh… y is 9th wonda effing wale up the butt?

  22. Coogi Down Says:

    Jim Jones’s popularity eclipsing Sigel’s by such a wide margin is one of the greatest injustices in the modern rap game, and I dare anyone on here that isn’t a ’90s baby to disagree with me……Sigel telling the story in Backstage about throwing buckets of water on a bitch > On My Way To Church, Hustler’s P.O.M.E., and most likely Pray IV 10,000………I won’t shit on Diary Of A Summer, “Struttin’ Thru Harlem” & “Summer With Miami” were dope in their own right

  23. Bryant Says:

    You Fugaysi ass niggas ever seen the Back to the Future 2 cover?


    Kanye needs to do some more interviews on which if he’s asked or not he interjects on how homophobic hip-hop is.

    Attention: Deficit Summer 09, PG CHILLIN!!!!!!!!

  24. HHJ Says:

    do you niggas just look for shit to be gay? maybe your movie knowledge only consists of paper soldiers and paid in full but that it was the Back To The Future movie poster looks like

  25. bolu Says:

    Where is Wales left leg, and why is 9th Standing behind him like that? AYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Hope the music is better than the artwork.


  26. eskay Says:

    most of these little kids don’t know nothing about BTTF2.

  27. Broad Street Bastid Says:

    Why is 9th Wonder humping Wale on the cover??

  28. Pooncakes Says:

    it looks like the poster for bttf2 but that doesnt look like wale or 9th
    the dolorian looks hard though

  29. the best rapper Says:

    these two ugly niggaz on the cover gay and the song stinks, currensy did his thing tho

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