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B.o.B. Bobby Ray – Ghost In A Machine + Mr. Bobby

B.o.B. to headline

^^^ B.o.B. Bobby Ray will be headlining ^^^

After the name change was announced, B.o.B. Bobby Ray decided to put up two new songs on his myspace:

B.o.B. Bobby Ray – Mr. Bobby

B.o.B. Bobby Ray – Ghost In A Machine

Is the name change ingrained in your brains yet?

Props to B. Rich (his manager) & TJsDJs twitters.

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27 Responses to “B.o.B. Bobby Ray – Ghost In A Machine + Mr. Bobby”

  1. Dre Says:

    lol @ ross’ listening session:

    # bdotTM: scenes from blow. movie clips backdrop each song
    # bdotTM: @sickathanavg dude is delusional
    # sickathanavg: @bdotTM does he know that Fif turned him into a punchline?
    # bdotTM: scenes from belly r now playing
    # bdotTM: about 2 start: I’m trying not to say officer rickyyyyy!!!
    # bdotTM: there doing this theater thing like @ kanyes graduation session


  2. anons Says:

    He get paid triple for gay p0rn so he still caking though(c)smartdumbcat A


    * waves Tibetan flag in Tiananmen Square*

  3. rex hussla Says:

    Dre…what’s up with ripping some of these Jimmy Fallon/Roots/Musical Guest performances and putting them on mp3??? Is there an easy way for me to do this?

  4. Pusha TON Says:

    Quit ya yapping fore I get to clapping and have your body parts mix and matching fella

  5. Big Bartolo aka Mr.No Homo Says:

    Rex try VideotoMP3.com

  6. rex hussla Says:

    try VideotoMP3.com

    Niiiiice…I’ll try that. I have an audio recorder, and I think I can plug it into my home stereo system, but then I have burn it, bring it to my computer w/e w/e

  7. Pusha TON Says:

    Clipse got 09

  8. rex hussla Says:

    Bobby Ray sounds like Mark Twain Fame’s little brother on the farm

  9. D. Billz Says:

    Patrick Ewing > St. Patrick

  10. Pusha TON Says:

    Eggshell on the scale for my snow coppers, don’t ask what I sell, bitch I’m Bett Crocker


    Bobby Ray sounds like Mark Twain Fame’s little brother on the farm
    Bobby Ray sounds like a failed country singer

  12. Pusha TON Says:

    I pitch Chyna in Boston, like Dice K, that white ye

  13. Kell-El Says:

    Billy Ray >>>>>>>> Bobby Ray

    Just because of that one hit and his daughter making that teeny bop gwop

  14. spanish jay Says:

    this is gay

  15. spanish jay Says:

    reading is also gay

  16. Pusha TON Says:

    My and my niggas call the coupe Jekll and Hyde cause the roofs on and off like their in and out of their minds

  17. dIGITAL SCALES Says:


  18. anons Says:

    The verdicts in two US trials are being appealed against because jurors made comments about them on social networking sites.
    Defence lawyers in the two cases say postings by jurors on sites like Twitter and Facebook could be grounds for appeal.
    Jurors are forbidden to discuss anything relating to a case outside the deliberation room.
    But experts say the emergence of new technologies is challenging the rules.


  19. Philly Phil Says:

    SMH@ 50 thinking HIM releasing two albums and Em releasing two albums is the same thing…

    we havent heard from Em in what seems like 3 years, nigga you been wearing wigs, dressing up in costumes, narrating pr0n tapes, beefing with 90% of the rap game, failing at reality shows, acting, (horribly) making wack ass music. You a fool ass nigga if you think we want 30+ songs from you.. no thank you.

  20. spanish jay Says:

    listening is gay

  21. Jersey*made*me Says:

    I pitch Japanese in Boston, like Dice K, that white ye


  22. Jersey*made*me Says:


  23. B.o.B Bobby Ray - Ghost In a Machine « 2dopeboyz Says:

    […] so be it! Three new joints from Bobby in a span of 24 hours? No complaints from Shake. Shouts to Dre for this […]

  24. spanish jay Says:

    alabama st is gay

  25. spanish jay Says:

    dudes with mohawks that cant dribble are gay

  26. Kell-El Says:

    *sabotage it up*


    ^ Ayo !

  27. Bobby Ray - Ghost In A Machine x Mr. Bobby | OnSMASH Says:

    […] Different name, same music. The artist formally known as B.o.B, is re-incarnated as Bobby Ray and its good to hear he’s not quitting hip-hop. Real talk, the game needs more artists like him. Don’t forget he will be live from SXSW performing at the NahRight x TSS showcase, so don’t miss that if you’re in the Austin area. Links sideswiped from our fam at NahRight. […]

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