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Beanie Sigel – Mac’s Back Freestyle


Here’s an audio rip from Beanie’s freestyle at Max B’s crib from yesterday’s footage. “Mac is back” (c) his interview with DJ Drama & Don Cannon  in 2006.

Beanie Sigel – Mac’s Back Freestyle

Mack bitch!!!

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29 Responses to “Beanie Sigel – Mac’s Back Freestyle”

  1. Big Bartolo aka Mr.No Homo Says:


  2. Son_Of_Ether aka elfeces the NAHRIGHT freestyle champ Says:

    Drake should produce an album with Omarion and Lloyd..Them two niggas aint never sounded so talented before working with Drizzy.

    Spendin every moment in the studiooooooo
    I never said it’d be fairrrrrrr
    but when you’re all alone i hope you truly knowwwwwww
    how bad I wanna be thereeeee

    come right innnnnnn/sit ya bag downnnnnnn
    i took a night offf for youuuuuuuu
    turn the lights offf/keep ya heels onnnn
    you feenin for what im about to dooooo

  3. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    I know this nigga Amadu N’Diaye up on Imperial and 44st ….nigga got mad dvd’s and J’s in crazy color ways

    SMH @ niggas coppin colorways that nike didn’t even know existed, and flossin them shits!!

    i remember when i was a lil nigga i wanted to cop a pair of red white and blue XIs. . . . red patent leather on a blue sneaker and white sole!

    good thing i ain’t have the dough. . . .

  4. Seth Gueko Says:


  5. D_block_4_life Says:

    cOLD this is the shit you was fawning over, i heard it yesterday, toughhhh

  6. R.J.Orion Says:

    Sigel in “Paper Soldiers” >>>>>


    MACK, bitch…

  8. cOLD Says:

    man D_Block, Beans went in poz


  9. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Will Jordans ever die out?

    Will there ever be a bigger athlete shoe brand?

    I can’t see it.

  10. kevfresco Says:

    Cracking The Case: Who Is Kanye’s Blog Ghostwriter?


    nate and dre moonlightin’ now?

  11. cOLD Says:

    thank you, whomever posted.

  12. Big Bartolo aka Mr.No Homo Says:

    says it all started when he wanted to talk to the Sonics’ hero about being hospitalized for intravenous fluids after a playoff loss: “Went into the Sonics’ locker room at Arco Arena before the game and asked Payton about it. He was tying his shoes and looked up at me and said: ‘What’s that got to do with basketball?’ I repeated the story, told him that it just showed a lot about him to play his heart out to the point that he had to go to the hospital, etc. ‘What’s that got to do with basketball?’ he repeated. I tried one more time to get him to play along and got one more ‘What’s that got to do with basketball?’ And then after years of growing tired of dealing with him, I got fed up and instead of walking away with my tail between my legs like I’d done so many times before, I said: ‘You know what, Gary? I’m sick of your (bleep).’ He got up and got right in my face and said: ‘So what are you gonna do about it?’ Quickly, I thought to myself, Jesus, I don’t know what I’m going to do about it, but I can’t back down now. I noticed that he had just brushed his teeth and there was a little toothpaste in the corner of his mouth, so I pointed to the corner of his mouth and said: ‘Hey, Gary, you’ve got a little toothpaste in the corner of your mouth.’ To this day, I have no idea why I said that. I just didn’t have an answer to ‘So what are you gonna do about it?’ I knew I couldn’t say: ‘I’m gonna kick your butt’ because I was a flabby 39-year-old sportswriter at the time and he was 26 and chiseled and no doubt would have beaten the hell out of me. His response to the toothpaste comment was this: He came at me with an overhand right that was intercepted by either Sam Perkins or David Wingate, thankfully, because it no doubt would have hurt my face. Then George Karl bear hugged me, to prevent me from charging Payton, figuring I had plans to do that, which I didn’t. Then Payton and I just shouted ‘Bleep yous!’ back and forth to each other before I was escorted out of the locker room.”

  13. Prince Says:

    Big_seth Says:

    March 17th, 2009 at 3:14 pm
    # Geronimo P aka Chase Says:
    Now that kid Drake on the other hand… that So Far Gone mixtape is still in rotation

    *still hasn’t listened to the drake tape. even though I DL’d it*

    ^ u missing out son drake is a great break from CH

  14. king blair Says:

    This my nigga

  15. cOLD Says:

    I could ride out on this, word up… no rear view mirror.

  16. Son_Of_Ether aka elfeces the NAHRIGHT freestyle champ Says:

    *Tasty Tuesdays*

    *calls up a female friend*

    *tells her i was think about her cause its St. Phatty’s day and i been listening to Drake*

    *she giggles*

    *asks me if she can give me a Guinness mustache later*

    *I say no*

    *she says “oh my boss wants these TPS call u later*

  17. cOLD Says:

    king blair Says:

    March 17th, 2009 at 3:17 pm
    This my nigga


    Beans posted up in my top ten easy… None

  18. mcsleep Says:

    Is this fella still with the ROC?

  19. kevfresco Says:

    wow seeg.

    i’m reata go outside and punch niggas out they chains n shit now.

  20. king blair Says:

    The Truth is Classic nigas sleep on that shit

  21. cOLD Says:

    stop playing Mack get the Mixtape together already. I need the CDQ like yesterday.

  22. cOLD Says:

    …and the way the beat switches up forgettaboutit.

  23. mcsleep Says:

    This guy is one of the most ignorant rappers of all time.

  24. A tribe called quest Says:

    What was up with the black cholo nigga who kept giving awkward daps to beanie. I can assume he was drunk but that was a little touchy feely.

  25. HEy! Says:


  26. Seth Gueko Says:

    thx for that beanie mac’s freestyle ! cool to have new ish like dat !! but
    drop the whole freestyle extract from da video wit Max b on it too please

  27. Streetz Says:

    One Beans Verse > CH Discography

  28. R.E.D. Inc. Says:

    This nigga was just getting bent in a room spitting! He wasn’t even looking at the camera. Still it hotter than most..

  29. Raz Says:

    People need to stop posin’ with imaginary “shotties”……

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