XXL May Cover (Rick Ross)


Uh oh, Rawsey Bossy is finally gonna come clean about his career as a C.O. in the May issue of XXL.

On Denying Being A Correctional Officer

“Me not answering or addressing that situation has nothing to do with my career. I’ve accomplished enough, and I’ve made enough money for me to be good… Yes, it was me in those pictures. But I’ma tell you this. Me taking that job, I was doing my job. You understand what I mean?”

See now, was that so hard? He could’ve done that months ago and avoided a world of bullshit. More snippets after the jumpoff.

On His Street Credibility

“The stuff I talk about is real. The dope is real. The gun talk is official. Look up Kenneth ‘Boobie’ Williams. Look where he’s from. That’s not nothing to be proud of. I wish that on no man. But, just to let you know, that’s what I witnessed. It’s a reality. I cannot discuss certain people that’s still in the streets, and I will not. I took a street oath, and I’ma live by that, and I’ma die by that. And it’s not about a music career, ’cause that shit, I’m good. It’s about me and being in the streets.”

On His Feud With 50 Cent

“50 Cent made a statement [that he’ll] ruin somebody life. Where I come from, it takes a AK-47 to do that. Cartoons, we laugh—funny. You put on a wig, come out the closet—funny. At the end of the day, we in the streets finna drop another No.1 album, we pressing on.”

Issue hits newsstands on April 7.

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