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Video: The-Dream – Rockin’ That Thing (Remix) (MTV News Behind The Scenes)

Love vs. Money: Next Tuesday, March 10th.

The-Dream brings out the stars. Ludacris, Juelz Santana, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Fabolous recently came to Brooklyn to shoot the video for the remix of “Rockin’ That Thang.”

One of the top 3 club records out right now. Toss up between this, Blame It, and Turn My Swag On.

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9 Responses to “Video: The-Dream – Rockin’ That Thing (Remix) (MTV News Behind The Scenes)”

  1. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Got those.

  2. k1ng Says:

    gettin head on the plane > gettin head in a car

  3. k1ng Says:

    love vs money, walking on the moon, take you home 2 my mama, rockin that shit – best songs on the album

  4. Dre Says:

    Love-Hate > Love vs. Money…

    I knew he couldn’t top it. Sorry to say it.

  5. D_Block_4_life Says:

    Anyone with the new Hell Rell?

  6. D_Block_4_life Says:


  7. anons Says:

    i heard dream’s first shit and it sounds like a bootleg prince/r.kelly thing….i dont get wat it is why ppll luv this dude…i know he writes bangers for other heads but his shit is meh…no shots

  8. Moneyray aka I comment on nahright so fuck 50 Says:

    Yo this album is album of the year so far..

    the way this nigga makes take u home to my mama go into love vs money pt.1 and love vs money pt.1 go into pt.2 is just tha nastiest shit I heard in a long time

    And some other creative shit is how kellys 12 play goes into his other album if u listening to the shit on itunes

  9. viciuzurban Says:

    Love vs Money is pretty insane. its light years ahead of his debut and the work he collaborates for others, more cohesive and seamless and ties greater with the album title. i love the way the songs intertwine with each other and it plays like one huge backing track. put it down is one of my favourites too alongside right side of my brain. mr. yeah is quintessential dream – its tongue and cheek – can we fuck now? fancy is the standout track – its driven, dreamy and epic – its on some other type of shit- the dynamics, the chord changes, the hard-hitting beats and chameleon-like carnivale production.

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